Fern was a DHARMA Initiative worker, who worked on the island since 1977, until she was killed during the purge.

On the Island


Fern was one of the new DHARMA recruit in 1977

Fern arrived the island as a new DHARMA recruit in July 1977, and guiding by Rex at the barracks, she was first seen walking towards the processing center along with another new member to process their registration. Later, together with other new members, Fern took part in a group photo, where she stood at the right side. ("Namaste")

Days later, Fern was seen helping Pierre Chang while he was filming the Arrow orientation film. ("Because You Left")


Fern was killed

Fern was seen lying down in the Barracks after the Purge, dead and bleeding from her nose as a result of the toxic gas. Since she was lying next to a laundry bin with clothes surrounding her corpse, it is likely that she was handling dirty laundry right before she died. After her death, she was subsequently buried in the mass grave. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")


Fern was featured on Lost: On Location

  • Although Fern was seen in "The Man Behind the Curtain", it is impossible to determine her name from her jumpsuit. However, her identity was revealed after the release of the Season 3 DVD, as a closeup shot of her corpse was featured on Lost: On Location, revealing her name and her job title in DHARMA: worker.
    • A Worker was possibly the female equivalent of a Work Man (like Roger Linus and Buzz).
  • There were more than one actress portrayed Fern. The first one appeared in "The Man Behind the Curtain" has yet to be identified, and the second one appeared in "Because You Left" is Alice Carpenter. The third one appeared in "Namaste" is also not identified.
  • The actress who portrayed Fern in "Because You Left" also portrayed DHARMA members Alice and Renee.
    • Although both Fern and Alice were portrayed by the same actress, their hair styles were a little bit different between the two appearances.
  • Both appearances of Fern were wearing the same uniform as told on this website by the actress playing the scene with Pierre Chang:

I'm Alice. They made me my own Dharma outfit, with my real name sewn onto it once they decided to use me often and did my measurements for the costume. Anyway, I was only Fern when they grabbed me last minute and shoved me into a outfit that fit so I could do the Dr. Chang scene. (Director changed his mind last minute about who he wanted to work that scene, and I was already out of costume and headed home when they decided to make me Fern and film that scene in 5-01.) In season 3, I had another name, have no memory what it was (not Alice or Fern- obviously the Fern girl was dead, and I ended up in her dress for the Chang scene) but I was visible in the orientation scene. I filmed about half the episodes last year and am visible in most of any Dharma stuff, in my Alice outfit, though the "Alice" moniker never made it on screen, I guess. My husband, by the way, was Rex the physicist, and played Dr. Chang's assistant in the rabbit experiment in season 4 finale (he wore glasses and pushed the lever to open the time travel door.)