"Faraday's Motif"
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Character Motif
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© Michael Giacchino

"Faraday's Motif" plays during several scenes featuring Daniel Faraday's experiments. The chaotic motif uses an ascending six-note figure beneath repeated semitones over a throbbing two-note bassline.

Full list of appearances

"Faraday's Motif" plays during the following scenes:

  • Faraday sets up the ground to receive the payload. ("The Economist")
  • Faraday talks to Desmond on the satellite phone. ("The Constant")
  • Faraday attempts to render the toxic gas at the Tempest inert. ("The Other Woman")
  • In a Previously on Lost recap, Miles reveals his mission. Ben reveals that his spy is Michael. Michael realizes the intentions of the mercenary team. Ben sends Alex, Karl and Danielle to the Temple. The mercenary team kills Danielle and Karl and captures Alex. ("The Shape of Things to Come")
  • Faraday looks at the body the DHARMA workers are carrying away. The foreman mocks Dr. Chang's claims of time travel. ("Because You Left")
  • Desmond enters Faraday's experiment room. ("Jughead")
    • He examines the rat maze. ("Jughead")
  • In a Previously on Lost recap, Jin captures Sayid in 1977. ("He's Our You")
  • Faraday tells Dr. Chang that Miles is his son. ("The Variable")
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