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There are very many internet forums dedicated solely to the topic of LOST. They are listed below. Note that although is a popular threaded forum frequented by fans, it is considered an "official" forum, as it is created by the production team, and is occasionally frequented by cast and crew.

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A Lost discussion forum, often referred to as "the numbers forum". As of December 2008, the forum has 102,526 registered users and 1,193,956 posts.

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UK Lost forum and LOST merchandise Store. Store is currently open but closing. Forum closed.

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A fabulous LOST forum for both serious and hilarious dialogue. Fanfics, contests, games, and a whole lot of LOST discussion. Please await...

In The Hatch Forum

Forum for In The Hatch lost podcast.


News, Blogs, Spoilers and Downloads

Island Performance Reviews

This site is a forum-based humor/parody site.

Lostalot Forum

Do you constantly find yourself lost in LOST .. a lot? You will do once you've joined this vivacious, fast growing new forum. is with over 3.000 Members the largest German Forum to the Pro7-Series "LOST".


The biggest Lost forum at Latin america

Lost Community Forum

The newest LOST community. Talk with fans of the hit TV show, LOST.

The Lost show discussion forum at formed between Seasons 2 and 3 as a friendly site for newbies and veterans. Features Contender clues discussion. is one of the largest online community for Lost. As of March 2007, it has 73,468 registered members with 1,131,308 posts within 21,592 threads.

It was created by Gertiebeth on October 4, 2004 as the forum for her website, is one of the newest forums for Lost.

First IRANIAN and one of the largest virtual community for Lost on the web with over 6,000 persian members and 33,000 posts till april 2009.

Lost IMDb Board

Main article: Lost IMDb Board

The "Lost" (2004) IMDb board is an internet discussion board, inhabited by fans of Lost.


See main article:
The forum for with 18,174 threads, 953,910 posts, and 16,880 members.

Lostpedia Forums

The forum for this website. As of December 2009, the forum has 34,393 registered users (1,393 active) with over 2 million posts in almost 30,000 threads.

Lost Video Island

Main article: Lost Video Island

A forum-based community dedicated to fan videos.

Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff Forum

The forum for the popular lost blog podcast; Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff.

Television Without Pity Lost Forum

"TwoP" is home to many TV show forums, with LOST being only one of the many.


FanForum, like TwoP, is also home to many TV show forums, with Lost being one of them. It also houses forums for individual actors on the show.

The Hatch Forum

Originally hosted by, this forum was apparently hacked and moved to a new location, hosted by Link is above.

LOST World Forum

Fan forum for discussions about Lost.

Stationzer0 Forum

Main article: Stationzer0

Station 5 The Pearl

All about Lost and MORE summed up!!!

The Coconut Internet

A small, friendly Lost theories and Lost-trivia board where fans can enjoy talking about the show without feeling overwhelmed by a huge website.


An intimate cohort of losties doing what they can to survive 815....with talk of every day life, as well as theories, games, and videos!

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