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(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)

Apart from the nicknames characters give to each other on the show, there are numerous names that fans of the show have created as an alternative to the real thing. The names are often used humorously in podcasts, forums, chat sites or recap shows, but are sometimes given to a character when his/her appearance on the show pre-dates the canonical name being supplied.


Flight 815 Survivors

  • General, as a group
  • Tailies
  • Tailenders
  • Udders! (This is from Jin's attempt to describe his first meeting with the Tailies.)
  • Jackface - a reference to contortions this character's face can take on at times of stress; see main article
  • Doctor Who?
  • Jears (not so much a nickname but a portmanteau of Jack + Tears - due to the character over-emoting on several episodes.) [1] [2]
  • Chack [Shoulda Stayed Down Chack!]; see White Rabbit
  • Ferret Man / Ferret Face - Made up by CaptainFlafle and shamelessly stolen and edited by Lanatania
  • Jackback - a Jack flashback episode
  • The Hood, Ming
  • Mercutio - a character from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet; Harold Perrineau portrayed the character in Baz Luhrman's film adaptation, Romeo + Juliet.
  • Throughout the first season, Television Without Pity referred to Michael by this name and only this name in its reviews.
  • Extra Crispy Sawyer - a reference to KFC's original recipe chicken and its extra crispy recipe chicken. In this context, is meant to discern between the Original (Recipe) Sawyer and the (Extra Crispy) Sawyer. Ditto with Henry Gale (see below).
  • Soya (primarily used by Jate partisans in the struggle between Skate and Jate) [3] [4]
  • Ana-L
  • The Hobbit (a reference to Dominic Monaghan portraying hobbit Merry in The Lord of the Rings movies.)
  • Pairing names for couples
Main article: Pairings

Fictional fan couplings


  • The Others
  • Seabillies (Used only for a short while up to mid Season Two. Before then, they had only been previously seen on the boat from Season One finale and looked like Hillbillies on a boat.) [46][47]
  • Udders! (This is from Jin's attempt to describe his first meeting with the Tailies - his one word in English)
  • The Others at the Temple
  • The Other Others (used in "Lost Untangled")
  • Fenry - a neologism derived from Fake Henry
  • Faux Henry - a reference to the author O. Henry; also sounds like the name of the chocolate bar, Oh Henry.
  • Extra Crispy Henry - a reference to KFC's original recipe chicken and its extra crispy recipe chicken. In this context, is meant to discern between the Original (Recipe) Henry Gale and the (Extra Crispy) Henry Gale. Ditto with Sawyer.
  • Benry - from Ben + Henry, now that the character's real name of Benjamin Linus has been revealed.
  • The Artist Formerly Known as Henry Gale - based on the media moniker for the musician Prince when he changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol. This nickname was also used by Sawyer in the show.
  • (Note: Though it is often believed that the names "Zeke" and "Mr. Friendly" are fan-created, they are actually nicknames given by the writers and producers--the former, in the script as a Sawyer nickname, the latter, as a moniker from podcasts)
  • Captain Gorton - before his name was known, a reference to his similarity with the bearded Gorton's fisherman mascot [48] [49]
  • Beardo [50] [51]
  • Patchy
  • Cyclops

[52] [53]

  • Maybelline - a reference to the fact that he appears to wear eyeliner. It should be noted that the producers have debunked this theory.
  • Jack Harkness - a comparison to the character Jack Harkness from the BBC show Torchwood, who also cannot age
  • The Freighter Four, or Freight-astic Four - Their homage to Marvels Fantastic Four. [56] [57]

The Island and its surroundings

  • Lostzilla [58] [59]
  • Smokey
  • Smocke - a portmanteau of smoke and Locke to refer to the character's appearance as John Locke in seasons 5 and 6.
  • Genie
  • MIB - Short for the man in black.
  • Flocke - Fake Locke
  • UnLocke
  • Esau
  • the Man in Locke or MiL.

The Lost Experience

  • Mr. Beardy - when the presenter of the Sri Lanka Video was unnamed, fans called him Mr. Beardy; later found out to be Alvar.
  • Sissy Frenchfry - nickname given after fans discovered the actress that played her, Jamie Silberhartz, also acted in a short film by the same name (although the name derives from the male lead character) [60] [61]
  • Mulletwerk - from his hairstyle [62] [63]
  • Ironman - from the fact that he took a blow to the head (with an iron) from Rachel Blake [64] [65]



  • Losties
  • Dom
  • Chobbit, from Charlie + Hobbit
  • Augustus - A Reference to his role as Augustus Hill in the HBO series OZ
  • Link - a character from the Matrix, which Harold Perrineau portrayed, which rose him to fame.
  • Triple A [75] [76]
  • SexAAA (SexyAAA)
  • Adebisi - Another reference to his role as Simon Adebisi in the HBO series OZ
  • Annie - A reference to her Emmy-winning role as Annie Dutton on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light



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