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Faith Fay portrayed one of the middle section survivors of Flight 815. She appeared on outdoor beach scenes as well as in airport flashback scenes. In the airport scenes and early beach scenes, she was wearing a blue striped shirt and had developed a cult following as "Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl" (SBSSG), although her wardrobe was later changed by the production to a plainer brown tone one, and then a green one, they all seemed to show her sexy stomach.

After mid-season 2, SBSSG had gone into the woods of the Island and not seen again on Lost.

Appeared in all of the following episodes of Lost:

Film & Television

  • Faith Fay recently played the character Lani Lane in the major motion film Soul Surfer, with Helen Hunt and Dennis Quade. She has also starred in the films: Life and Tides of War and the television show Beyond the Break".
  • Painter, Photographer, Sculpture, graduated from college with a Bachelor of Fine arts. Faith shows her artwork in galleries and museums, her artwork can be seen/inquires on her website faithfay.com
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