Locke wakes up after the plane crash, and is shown with a gash above and below his right eye. ("Walkabout")

Eyes are a recurring theme in Lost, from Locke's gash above and below his eye, to the closeups of eyes shown at the opening of episodes.

Lost both begins and ends with a shot of Jack's right eye opening and closing, respectively.

Episode openers[]

Episodes opening with a character's eye is a common practice on Lost, usually the eye of the centric character. Through the use of digital effects and contact lenses, actors' eye color have been altered a couple of times on the show. [1]

Character Eye Episode Flash

Season 1
JackEye Jack Right "Pilot, Part 1" Yes
1X04 LockeEye Locke Right "Walkabout" Yes
1X05 JackEye Jack
Right "White Rabbit" Yes
1X06 SunEye Sun Left "House of the Rising Sun" Yes
Charlie's Eyes Charlie Both "The Moth" Yes
1X10 ClaireEye Claire Right "Raised by Another" Yes
1X13 BooneEye Boone Left "Hearts and Minds" Yes
1X14 MichaelEye Michael Left "Special" Yes
Charlie Both "Homecoming" Yes
SawyerBoyEye1x16 Sawyer
Left "Outlaws" Yes
1X17 JinEye Jin Right "...In Translation" Yes
1X24 AaronEye Aaron Left "Exodus, Part 2" No

Season 2
DesmondEye Desmond Left "Man of Science, Man of Faith" No

Season 3
JulietEye Juliet Left "A Tale of Two Cities" Yes
3X03 LockeEye Locke Right "Further Instructions" Yes
Normal par-avion-cap002 Claire Left (flashback) "Par Avion" Yes
Nikki Both (running) "Exposé" Yes

Season 4
Sayideye Sayid Both (closed) "The Economist" Yes
4x04LockeEye Locke Right "Eggtown" No
4x10Eye Jack Left "Something Nice Back Home" Yes

Season 5
5x06 Jack Eye Jack Right "316" Yes

Season 6
6X09 IlanasEye Ilana Right "Ab Aeterno" Yes
Happily001 Desmond Right "Happily Ever After" Yes
6x16Jack Eye Jack Right "What They Died For" Yes

Other close-ups[]

Several other instances of eye close-ups have occurred that are not episode openers:

Character Eye Episode Flash

Season 2
2x17 Locke's map eye Locke Right "Lockdown" Yes

Season 3
3x01 GoodMorningJack Jack Left "A Tale of Two Cities" Yes
3X05 EkoEye Eko Right (closed) "The Cost of Living" Yes
DesEyeFlash Desmond Left "Flashes Before Your Eyes" Yes
ClaireEyeLand3x12 Claire Right "Par Avion" Yes
3x13 LockeEye Locke Right "The Man from Tallahassee" Yes
Eye Nikki expose Nikki Both "Exposé" Yes
PauloEye3sx14 Paulo Left "Exposé" Yes
3x20eye Figure in Jacob's cabin Left "The Man Behind the Curtain" No
LockeGraveEye3x22 Locke Left "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1" No

Season 4
JacobEye4x01-wide Figure in Jacob's cabin Left "The Beginning of the End" No
Miles eyes Miles Both "Confirmed Dead" Yes
4x05 Eye Desmond Left "The Constant" Yes
4x08Eye Michael Left "Meet Kevin Johnson" Yes
4x09Eye Benjamin Both "The Shape of Things to Come" Yes
4x11LockeEye Locke Left "Cabin Fever" Yes

Season 5
5x07 Locke eyes Locke Both "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" Yes
5x16 Ilana eye Ilana Right "The Incident, Part 1" Yes

Season 6
Kate's Eye Kate Right "LA X, Part 1" Yes
Normal dr-linus-050 Miles Both "Dr. Linus" No
Normal dr-linus-306 Jack Both (closed) "Dr. Linus" No
6x09 EyeIgnacio Ignacio Left "Ab Aeterno" No
6x09 EyeRichard Ricardo Right "Ab Aeterno" Yes
6x17TheEnd Jack Right "The End" No

Other occurrences[]

Elliot's eye

Lost:Via Domus opens with a shot of Elliott Maslow's eye.


Eye of Horus, an Egyptian hieroglyph


  • In "Flashes Before Your Eyes", the close-up of Desmond's eye when he enters his altered timeline is the same shot of his eye (with less saturated colors) that was shown at the beginning of "Man of Science, Man of Faith".
    • In "316", the initial close-up of Jack's eye is the same as that as in "Pilot, Part 1", also with changed color levels.
  • Track two of the Season 1 soundtrack is called "The Eyeland", a pun based on how the first scene of "Pilot, Part 1" opens on Jack's eye.
  • In some cultures, dying with eyes open is interpreted as dying in a state of unrest or mission in life unfulfilled. (Death)
  • Some cultures consider eyes as the way into a person's soul.
  • The series opens and closes with a shot of Jack's eye.