"Eye Open" is an orchestral piece on the Via Domus soundtrack. It plays at the beginning of "Force Majeure". The repetitive 8-note arrangement serves as the game's main mystery theme.

Scene Description

Elliot’s eye opens wildly. Disoriented, he quickly sees a pair of charred passenger seats next to him and remembers that he was on a plane – a plane which crashed. Getting up uneasily, he begins to search for where the plane crashed.


The game's Main Theme plays briefly at the beginning of the composition.

The first five notes of the game's mystery theme, introduced in the piece, are only one note off from the show's mystery theme, first introduced in The Eyeland. Unsurprisingly, then, the piece, especially its opening, shares great similarity to "The Eyeland", which plays during a very similar awakening experience for Jack.

Title Significance

During this point in the game, Elliot's eye opens in a manner befitting of the thematic representation of eyes in the show. In addition, a life threatening event - such as a plane crash - could be considered by some as an "eye-opener".


Caves uses the theme.

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