Charlie finds the script in ("Exposé").

Nikki owned a script for an episode of the television show Exposé, in which she guest starred as Corvette, a crime fighting stripper. The script was for the final episode of the show's fourth season and revealed a major mystery: the identity of the mysterious Cobra, the main villain of the series.

Charlie found it amongst her belongings in her tent, while looking for clues to her and Paulo's mysterious death. Hurley was a fan of the series and was eager to read the script. He discovered that Nikki had starred in the episode and, much to his surprise, found out that Mr. LaShade, one of the good guys, was actually also the Cobra. ("Exposé")

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The following names are legible on the page on which Hurley found Nikki's name. They are grouped in two sections, presumably main cast first, then guest stars for the episode:

  • Nikki Fernandez
  • Brett Decter
  • A eighth name is also mentioned, but is blocked by a finger. The visible parts are "Allend" and "atero". It is most probably "Allende Zapatero", a quite common middle and second name combination.


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