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3x21 explosion promotional
Rousseau sets off some dynamite

Explosion may refer to:

  • The discharge from the fail-safe
  • One of several explosions caused by dynamite
    • Leslie Arzt was killed in an accidental dynamite explosion in "Exodus, Part 2"
    • Kate threw a stick of dynamite down a hole to save Locke from the Monster in "Exodus, Part 2"
    • Blowing open the hatch at the end of Season 1 "Exodus, Part 2".
    • Eko attempted to blow open the blast doors in the Swan with dynamite in "Live Together, Die Alone"
    • Rousseau used dynamite to destroy her camp
    • Jack demonstrated how he intended to explode The Others with dynamite that Rousseau got from the Black Rock, in "Greatest Hits".
    • The survivors used dynamite against the Others at the beach camp, killing seven of them in "Through the Looking Glass"
  • One of the Oceanic Flight 815 plane's jet turbines exploding
  • The second raft was destroyed by an explosion caused by a Molotov cocktail thrown by one of the Others
  • Kate murdered her biological father Wayne with an explosion in "What Kate Did"
  • The Flame was destroyed in a large explosion
  • Locke used C-4 from the Flame to detonate the Galaga in "The Man from Tallahassee""
  • The monster sometimes makes dark explosions, sometimes uprooting trees, as it moves, as in "Exodus, Part 2"

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