Dr. Evelyn Ariza was director of clinical services at St. Sebastian Hospital. Soon after Jack Shephard brought in Sayid Jarrah to treat his wounds, Ariza confronted Jack about Sayid, stating that he was a liability to the hospital. Jack attempted to apologize, though Ariza refused to accept it. The conversation was then interrupted by a telephone call, which Jack apologetically answered, walking away from Ariza. ("The Little Prince")


  • The casting call described her as Dr. Evelyn Ariza, 30s-40s, any ethnicity. Chief of staff at a hospital. She's attractive with a great bed-side manner but tough and carries her authority well. Not afraid to make difficult decisions...One day guest star.
  • "Ariza" is an area in Spain and a Spanish surname. It is also a Turkish word meaning breakdown, obstruction, or trouble.