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Dr. Erika Stevenson was a co-worker of Jack's at St. Sebastian Hospital after his return from the Island, and a member of the St. Sebastian Neurosurgery Group. Late one night, he asked her to write him a prescription for clonazepam (an anticonvulsant and anxiolytic drug prescribed for anxiety disorders) and she did so, but advised he seek psychiatric help for his problems. ("Something Nice Back Home")


  • Casting called for Dr. Erika Stevens. Female, African-American, late-30s or older. An intelligent, caring doctor who is not adverse to putting in long work hours to help her patients. Nice Co-star - 2 scenes. [1]
  • In the credits for "Something Nice Back Home", a typo rendered Erika's name as "Dr. Erica Stevenson". Her name was spelled out on the wall of the St. Sebastian Neurosurgery Group.

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