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Eric Hutchinson is a musician and songwriter, and appeared briefly during The Lost Experience as himself, playing in a "Potbelly" restaurant in Michigan. He was apparently playing as part of a "Jeep Compass promotional tour" and was interrupted by William T. Kilpatrick, who took his microphone and explained about his involvement with DaimlerChrysler, Rachel Blake and the Hanso Foundation.


*Hutchinson finishes a song*

HUTCHINSON: Aw, thank you guys very much, I appreciate that. My name is Eric Hutchinson, I'm playing some songs for you today. It's sort of a bonus, sort of me giving back to the community guys, that's what I'm doing right here (laughs). Erm, its all part of the Jeep Compass tour, we're playing all over the Midwest, Great Lakes region. We've been to Columbus, Cincinnati, and we're playing here today so er, if you guys like what you hear, feel free to come check out the Jeep outside, its parked outside, I think right in front here. The 2007 Jeep Compass. And again my name is Eric Hutchinson, I am selling CDs if you're interested, and er, that's it. Its just sat outside, go on over.

*Starts a new song. Just before the chorus, Kilpatrick takes his microphone*

KILPATRICK: No no, its ok, I'm with DaimlerChrysler. Listen I'm sorry to interrupt this show, but I don't have a lot of time and I need to get this out. My name is William Kilpatrick. I was the fleet operations manager for Jeep when the Hanso Foundation signed an agreement for a fleet of Jeep vehicles. Around that time, Rachel Blake informed me that they were planning on using the vehicles to transport harvested organs into Africa. Not for their little innocent Apollo Candy Company. Now what I'm saying, you need to let the people - oh my god. Oh my god what if they find me.

*Two men wearing black suits and sunglasses enter*

KILPATRICK: Listen, listen - everything you need to know is in the Missing Organs zip folder. Everything! Everything, you gotta help me, the Missing Organs folder! Go, go to the site and find out the truth! Thank you Rachel! Help me, somebody! Help me!

*Kilpatrick is bundled into the back of a van by the men and taken away*


  • Jeep Compass, or more specifically its parent company DaimlerChrysler, was one of the sponsors of the Lost Experience. The "Jeep promotional tour" is suggested as being completely true, with other videos on YouTube showing Hutchinson and other artists traveling areas such as Michigan and Cleveland. Thus, it seems likely that Hutchinson was simply asked if he would take part in the promotional stunt for the Experience by his Jeep sponsors.
  • On his website, Hutchinson states that he is also a big fan of Lost.

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