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Epithet Alpha, or @epithetalpha is the name of a twitter account that was linked to by Simeon Hobbes' twitter account on May 16th, 2009.

The Account

The account posted one message in the same vein of Simeon Hobbes, although without any direct references to Jacob.



Bennu Bird, The Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix, soul of the sun-God RaEpithet Alphas profile picture on Twitter


(From oldest to newest. All times in 24 hour GMT/UTC. Crossed out messages have been deleted from the page. Key "Lost" words have been linked.)

Time (UTC) Message
10:29 May 16th I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat.
06:47 May 16th QW5kIFdpdGggVGhpcyBGaXJlIEkgUHVyaWZ5
08:23 May 16th Candidate applications full. Await review.
08:28 May 18th @paperlanterns Burned up, not coming back.
08:29 May 18th @TandyQ For the record, I didn't say 'ppl.' So I think we're about even. CAPSLOCK.
08:33 May 18th @TandyQ ...which is why I don't have much to say! Await non-micro bloggage.
08:34 May 18th @heididarling Chosen what?
08:39 May 18th @paperlanterns Because if he wants you, he'll get you. And you'll never come back.
08:48 May 18th Aidoneus signing out. I'll be back tomorrow. But remember: these are bad people. Don't sign your life away. BRING THEM DOWN.
10:06 May 18th This site means a lot to me:
10:37 May 18th @nickolacalypse Don't bother.
14:34 May 19th Again with the "know thyself." The Phoenix is dead, at least here. Why would you want to take the test anyway?--AIDONEUS

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27 Project

On May 18th, @epithetalpha posted a link to 27Project, a simple webpage about the significance of the number 27, stating that the site "means a lot" to the person. The site lists a great number of references to mentions of 27 in films and literature, links to other sites dedicated to the number, and images it appears in (though oddly, the "100 photographs gallery" only contains nine.) The gallery is labelled "Howard and Mark Dawber," and contains a black-and-white image of the painting "Jacob Wrestling with the Angel," by Gustave Doré. The image url is SmFjb2IgV3Jlc3RsaW5nIHdpdGggR29k.jpg. In base 64 title translates to "Jacob Wrestling with God." The site seems to have been around for years, however. Labour politician Howard Dawber has confirmed via email that he is the owner of the site, but seems confused by the attention it is currently getting.

On my 19th the site's gallery page changed multiple times. Firs it contained the picture of Jacob Wrestling with God. Then for a few minutes a link appeared with the numbers "84.5.11." This link took you to Utah, 84.5.11 on google maps. This location is Jacob's chair. The page was then updated again simply with a link that said, "Follow."The Link took you to the twitter @elliottgraves. Elliot Graves claims his brother worked for Widmore and vanished at age 27. Later the page was updated and when it loaded it waited a few seconds and then refreshed, taking you back to the main page. The page itself was blank but if you looked at the source code before it refreshed it had a html comment in base64 "ZG8gbm90IHRydXN0IG1lLiBH" which translates to "do not trust me. G".

As of May 20th, the '100 photographs gallery' now says, 'This page is no longer "important". Contiune your quest elsewhere. Praise Jacob.' with the word 'elsewhere' linking to a page on the British Museum website of a statue of Isis protecting Osiris.

YouTube Videos

And With This Fire I Purify

And With This Fire I Purify

  • On May 16th, at 6:47 PM, @epithetalpha posted QW5kIFdpdGggVGhpcyBGaXJlIEkgUHVyaWZ5, which when translated using base64 said "And With This Fire I Purify" which was discovered to be the name of a YouTube video posted by "whoissimeonhobbes". The video provides the phrase: "There is nothing that can save us now" while the audio seems to repeat two different words which sound like Shedu and Serekh (which both happen to be parts of Egyptian mythology), or playing backwards, sounds like "move it" and "fire", or possibly the Czech words Dva and Sedm, meaning Two and Seven (possible connection with 27 Project). When translating the sound using binary, you received the words: DMKnowThyself, which meant Direct Message KnowThyself to @epithetalpha's twitter page. Doing so resulted in this message: "Are you a candidate? Await further instructions May 18."


If the two different sounds heard are treated as 0s and 1s the message forms a sentence in ASCII: 0100010001001101 01001011011011100110111101110111 01010100011010000111100101110011011001010110110001100110


DM Know Thyself


  • An epithet is a descriptive word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing, which has become a fixed formula.
  • In Greek mythology, Aidoneus was the husband of Persephone and master of Cerberus.
  • "Know thyself" (Greek: γνῶθι σεαυτόν, gnōthi seauton) is a phrase attributed to six different Greek sages, including Socrates.


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