After each episode has aired, critics give their reviews of each episode. The critiques used on this page are from certifiable and major sources. Please note that some of the reviews were reviewed several years after the episode aired, see the link for additional details.

Season One

"Pilot, Part 1" and "Pilot, Part 2"

The script for the pilot moves along at a brisk pace, never forcing its hand and giving the audience just enough to keep the interest piqued without giving up too much, too early. It will be interesting to see how Abrams and company manage to keep the audience interested once the new show smell wears off and we get into the week to week trials of the survivors. Like Alias, the series is built for story arcs and viewers who decide to tune in for the start of the ride won't be disappointed. Lost delivers on every promise it makes to its audience and is simply the best new show on any of the networks this season. - IGN

Lost is the kind of show that could go anywhere. Then I realized that's exactly why I should commit to the ride. - Entertainment Weekly outlandish Saturday-serial setup...imbued with real characters and honest emotions, without sacrificing any of the old-fashioned fun. - USA Today

"Tabula Rasa"

Tabula Rasa" is Lost's first Kate-centric episode and one of the better episodes featuring her character. It holds up surprisingly well considering that we've learned so much about the circumstances surrounding Kate's criminal past over the years. - IGN


"Walkabout" is best remembered for the shocking final act in which it's revealed that John Locke was paralyzed from the waist down before the crash of Flight 815...It's a well-rounded and brilliantly told story that assured audiences that they would continue to receive the same quality of entertainment as shown in the pilot of the series. - IGN

"White Rabbit"

There are several emotionally heavy scenes that introduce us to the rocky relationship between Jack and his father Christian...Jack's speech (the first of many) is handled perfectly and is the first time we hear the phrase 'live together, die alone. - IGN

"House of the Rising Sun"

The beauty of the Lost cast of characters is their diversity...."House of the Rising Sun" delves into that clash of ideology and culture and gives us a glimpse of the relationship between Jin and Sun before crashing onto the island. - IGN

"The Moth"

..."The Moth" does a great job of utilizing screen time for most the major characters on the show....Charlie's development throughout the episode is striking. - IGN

"Confidence Man"

It's a well-written, fascinating character piece that does an excellent job of bringing Sawyer into the spotlight and creating a character who is not only fun to hate, but someone who ultimately deserves our pity once we learn his devastating childhood story....The success of this episode begins and ends with Josh Holloway. - IGN


Rousseau's first appearance is great simply for the amount of hints she delivers towards things we'll learn about in the future....Thanks to Hurley, Lost finally finds its funny bone. The introduction of the golf course couldn't have come at a better time. - IGN

"Raised by Another"

"Raised by Another", while not one of the best that season one has to offer, is noteworthy for its memorable reveal of the show's first Other....Emille de Ravin does an exceptional job of portraying a young woman who has...had her life transformed due to her pregnancy...Unfortunately, after the exceptional character work done in the last few episodes, I found this to be a little too much about the build up and not enough about the characters; at least on the island. - IGN

"All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"

"'Raised by Another' had a great conclusion but was lacking a lot of the great character moments that made the first half of Lost's inaugural season great....'Daddy Issues' is a swift return to form and features plenty of striking and emotional moments, both off the island and on, that make this one of the better episodes of season one." - IGN

"Whatever the Case May Be"

"...doesn't have quite the impact of the's rather forgettable and shorter than most of the flashbacks we are use to....The trouble with 'Whatever the Case May Be' is that it takes a step back after the conclusion of the last episode." - IGN

"Hearts and Minds"

"It's awkward and uninspired but thankfully saved by some great John Locke character development....The rest of the episode is filled with some great character moments. The comic relief is provided by Hurley and Jin who had me laughing quite a bit." IGN



"Michael's flashback is a heart wrenching look at the relationship, or lack-there-of, between him and his son Walt....As Michael's life crumble around him, it's Harold Perrineau's brilliant performance that really shines through....The shocking conclusion is actually a little underwhelming." - IGN


" is yet another excellent character study that also manages to build on the intriguing narrative that has developed concerning the others on the island....Seeing Jack, Locke, Sayid, Sawyer and Kate work together to trap Ethan is a lot of fun to watch." - IGN


"'Outlaws' revolves around Sawyer's hunt for a boar through the jungle....what we have here is an intelligently written series of conversations that deal with revenge, murder and what really happens to a person when they take another human's life." - IGN

"...In Translation"

"'…In Translation' takes another look at the origins of Jin and Sun's troubled relationship....Jin's flashback is definitely the highlight of the episode and does a good job of representing his transition from good-hearted son of a fisherman to Mr. Paik's personal fails at really moving the story forward at all." - IGN


"Though, at this point you can tell that the Lost team is pilling on the unanswered questions at a rapid pace and that they are getting in a little over their heads." IGN

"Deus Ex Machina"

"Just like "Walkabout," it sheds a lot of light on what drives Locke and delves deeper into his intriguing back-story." IGN

"Do No Harm"

"Do No Harm" gives us a Jack Shephard at his most finest as he fights to save Boone and shows why he is the leader of this band of survivors." IGN

"The Greater Good"

"The best moments of this episode fall after Shannon asks Sayid to deal with Locke. This is the first of some really great scenes between these two characters as they are usually no nonsense with each other." IGN

"Born to Run"

"Born to Run" is surprisingly average for an episode that is building up to what I remember being a great finale." IGN

"Exodus, Part 1"

"Exodus: Part 1" marks the first part of season one's two-part finale and while it isn't brimming with action, it does what the series does best – focus on character." IGN

"Exodus, Part 2"

"Exodus: Part 2" is a fitting end to the first season of Lost. Like the rest of the season, the finale focuses on the characters and their struggle to survive against the unknown dangers of the island." IGN

Season Two

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"

"Man of Science, Man of Faith" has one of my favorite openings to a Lost episode ever." IGN


"All I remember is that this story almost completely ruined season two for me. But I'm willing to give it a second chance and I'm sure it isn't as bad as I remember it being. Well, hopefully it isn't as bad." IGN


"This may be a Locke-centric episode but Jack's reactions to the ridiculousness of their situation really make "Orientation" worth watching." IGN

"Everybody Hates Hugo"

"If there is one moment that I absolutely love this episode for it's Bernard finally being revealed." IGN

"...And Found"

"Despite having a few strong character moments, "...And Found" is starting to remind me of why I feel season two is the weakest of the series." IGN


"Again, for the third episode in a row, this isn't the most intriguing flashback but I do find myself feeling for Shannon's situation." IGN

"The Other 48 Days"

"The Other 48 Days" does a good job of bringing us up to speed on the Tailies' struggles to survive." IGN


"Collision" finally delivers the moment we've been waiting for since "Abandoned" two episodes ago." IGN

"What Kate Did"

"Give the Lost crew credit for giving this love triangle some real depth and I appreciate Jack's reaction to the situation." IGN

"The 23rd Psalm"

"One of the major highlights of "The 23rd Psalm" is Mr. Eko's encounter with the infamous Smoke Monster. This is our very first clear look at the creature and still one of my favorite encounters." IGN

"The Hunting Party"

"It's an underrated flashback and the best moment is definitely the final scene as Jack immediately comes clean with Sarah about his kiss. I'm really taken aback by Jack's honesty in this scene." IGN

"Fire + Water"

"This episode is essentially Charlie crying out desperately for some attention and being denied at every turn. This might have been better placed as a season one episode focusing on Charlie's withdrawal from heroin." IGN

"The Long Con"

"The Long Con" is a refreshing reward after having to sit through Charlie's cry for help a.k.a. "Fire + Water." IGN

"One of Them"

"One of Them" is certainly one of the more pivotal episodes of Lost." IGN

"Maternity Leave"

"Still, we endure and "Maternity Leave" does offer a nice departure from the usual flashback formula with nothing taking place off the island for the entire story." IGN

"The Whole Truth"

"Sun's flashback is far more entertaining than the one she shared with Jin earlier this season." IGN


"It's a memorable and very eventful episode of Lost that does a great job of setting up the final few episodes of the season." IGN


"In the long scheme of things, "Dave" doesn't really impact the series as a whole. But, I'll give it credit for being a very entertaining story that does explore why Hurley ended up in a mental institution and what continues to haunt him on the island." IGN


"Have you ever wanted to know Rose and Bernard's origin story? Well this is the episode for you. "S.O.S." gives us a glimpse of the evolution of Rose and Bernard's relationship, which is far more interesting than I would have assumed." IGN

"Two for the Road"

"As for the final moments of "Two for the Road", they are easily one of the more memorable Lost moments of the series." IGN


"For those who haven't watched "?" in a long while – it definitely deserves a second look. One of the better episodes of season two." IGN

"Three Minutes"

"Harold Perrineau is fantastic in this episode. He's tasked with portraying a guilty, angry, desperate and deceitful man and does an exceptional job balancing these varying aspects of his character." IGN

"Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1"

"The most fulfilling story besides Desmond's flashback is the build up to whether or not the button does anything. Sure, that might not sound like much but when you've been waiting an entire season to find out if one simple button press actually saves the world it's a pretty big deal." IGN

"Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"

"The most fulfilling story besides Desmond's flashback is the build up to whether or not the button does anything. Sure, that might not sound like much but when you've been waiting an entire season to find out if one simple button press actually saves the world it's a pretty big deal." IGN

Season Three

"A Tale of Two Cities"

While 'A Tale of Two Cities' does not pack the punch the series pilot had, it is certainly a strong beginning for season three....Seeing Jack's jealousy, stubbornness and rage on screen is important and will fundamentally change how the audience perceives the character. - IGN

"The Glass Ballerina"

...the series takes a step back and the 'The Glass Ballerina' delivers nothing new or substantial....this week the relationship woes of Sun and Jin felt a lot more like filler than the basis for compelling television....Sun and Jin's flashbacks, while emotional, were predictable and they added little to the events taking place on the island. - IGN

"Further Instructions"

The episode certainly offers its fair share of excitement, but as with any typical Lost episode we are presented with more questions than answers....focuses on resolving; er, prolonging story threads from the conclusion of last season. While, story wise, this is probably the soundest choice, the absence of Jack, Sayid, Sawyer, etc. is noticeable. - IGN

"Every Man for Himself"

'Every Man for Himself' offers a healthy mix of plot and character development with a fair share of revelations thrown in for good measure. - IGN

"The Cost of Living"

...keeps you glued to your seat for 60 minutes straight, wondering how you could have ever doubted the series...a shining example of why this series keeps people coming back week after week. - IGN

"I Do"

"I Do" delivering some key moments in the series' history and leaving viewers with a spectacular cliffhanger ending. - IGN

"Not in Portland"

If the series can continue to churn out episodes like this one, Lost will have no problems retaining its audience and even bringing new fans into the fold. - IGN

"Flashes Before Your Eyes"

"If last week's "Not in Portland" didn't get you back on the Lost hype train then for goodness' sake the equally outstanding "Flashes Before Your Eyes" hopefully grabbed your attention." IGN

"Stranger in a Strange Land"

"Stranger in a Strange Land" was nothing more than a transition episode that moved Jack, Kate and Sawyer in position for a future rescue attempt. A necessary evil in episodic television like Lost but that doesn't excuse the poor execution and uninteresting story." IGN

"Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"

"Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" is your classic "feel good" story that may be light on the answers but it is a great deal of fun. The downside is that there really isn't any story development of any kind and the episode feels like yet another filler piece to stretch out the overall narrative." IGN

"Enter 77"

"It's great to see this quest to find Jack giving the show some much needed, action, suspense and most importantly a feeling of progress." IGN

"Par Avion"

"The good news is that Claire is developed - a lot - as a character in "Par Avion" and the better news is that it isn't at the expense of continuing the intriguing story from last week." IGN

"The Man from Tallahassee"

"Every so often we witness one of those television moments that make us stand-up from our assumed couch potato positions and say "WOW, thank you for TV."

Scored an amazing 9.8/10 on IGN


" ...this episode is no slouch with an entertaining script and a conclusion that will have you expecting the signature voice of Rod Serling himself to close out the story." IGN

"Left Behind"

"By far the best moment of the episode was Kate and Juliet's frantic sprint through the jungle while the infamous island smoke creature chased them. " IGN

"One of Us"

"One of Us" is yet another solid effort from long-time Lost director Jack Bender who deserves credit for bringing us some of the best episodes the series has to offer." IGN


" ...they deliver a slow but fairly captivating story that delivers some fun dialogue and literally drops a new character on our favorite "Losties." IGN


"Yunjin Kim delivers a poignant performance as Sun who is not only struggling with the thought that she and her unborn child may not live to term but her knowledge that the baby may not be Jin's." IGN

"The Brig"

"This week's Lost finally delivers a resolution to the cliffhanger that we saw five weeks ago in "The Man from Tallahassee." "The Brig" also delivers a fantastic, albeit rather sudden, resolution to something we all pieced together... " IGN

"The Man Behind the Curtain"

"The Man Behind the Curtain" produced far more questions than it did answers. That isn't to say that this episode disappoints... ...The cliffhanger is shocking to say the least but we doubt that this is the last we'll be seeing of John Locke." IGN

"Greatest Hits"

"Greatest Hits" is dedicated to setting up the events of next week's two-hour finale but has enough content so that it still entertains and Charlie's journey through the five greatest moments of his life is emotional to say the least." IGN

"Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"

"This is nothing short of a masterpiece of storytelling with a brilliantly paced narrative and a cliffhanger that will keep people talking until next year."

Scored the title of Masterpiece with 10/10 on IGN

"Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"

"This is nothing short of a masterpiece of storytelling with a brilliantly paced narrative and a cliffhanger that will keep people talking until next year."

Scored the title of Masterpiece with 10/10 on IGN

Season Four

"The Beginning of the End"

Returning with a heart-stopping, perfectly pitched episode that fulfills all the promise of last season's stunner of a finale, Lost is an oasis in a strike-parched TV desert. - USA Today mind was blown. Again. At freakin' last! After eight months of waiting, our mutual friend (and bad influence on my mental health) is back. - Entertainment Weekly

...easily one of the best hours of TV so far this season. -Michael Ausiello, TV Guide

Lost engrossingly kicks off its strike-shortened fourth season still riding the wave of last spring's dazzling twist introducing a flash-forward component. The season premiere continues to offer tantalizing clues about what that future holds, while dealing with fallout from the suspect rescue party's arrival and a key character's heroic sacrifice. -Variety

"Confirmed Dead"

For me, Confirmed Dead was downright alive with fascinating new characters, mind-blowing new possibilities, and exciting new theory fodder. - Entertainment Weekly

...would've merited a solid three and a half stars were it not for two annoying blunders — one of which should've been caught by Lost's typically crackerjack continuity police, and another that dumbs down the 815ers to the point where the castaways on Gilligan's Island look smart by comparison. -Michael Ausiello, TV Guide

"The Economist" episode about the internal corruption that occurs when romantic idealists are forced to become cutthroat businessmen. - Entertainment Weekly

Sayid Jarrah is a badass who would give Jack Bauer, James Bond and Jason Bourne all a run for their money. - IGN


"Eggtown" was [...] the best episode so far this season. - Michael Ausiello, TV Guide

We were treated with some tantalizing new questions and some payoffs on some long-standing Kate mysteries. - Entertainment Weekly

The problem with "Eggtown" was that if you didn't care about Kate, there wasn't much else there. -

After three episodes of increasingly mind-blowing revelations, this week's "Lost" settled into a bit of a lull. - Los Angeles Times

"The Constant"

...arguably the most highly praised episode of a well-received fourth season... - USA Today

"The Constant" will be remembered as a pivotal turning point for Lost as a series. - IGN

This episode worked beautifully as a showcase for Henry Ian Cusick as the tormented Desmond. It was almost a stand-alone episode, a Twilight Zone/X-Files-style adventure with a start, middle and killer finish. And yet it also advanced our knowledge and teased the mystery of what’s happening on the “rescue” freighter, while giving us a rapturously romantic climactic reunion (on the phone, but hey) between Desmond and his impatiently waiting lady love, Penelope (he’s her Odysseus). - TV Guide

...given the intensity of passion and interest that many fans continue to have in the episode, arguably the best single outing since season 1's Walkabout. - Entertainment Weekly

"The Other Woman"

Bottom Line on "The Other Woman:" Yet another brilliant outing by TV's best drama. "Lost" keeps getting better and better and better and... - Newsday

Having gotten rid of the deadweight flashbacks, the sixth episode of season 4 manages to give us one that actually fills us in on a story we want to know more about: what happened to Juliet with the Others. In retrospect, the flashback didn't really reveal much stunning about Juliet and Ben---we knew that he manipulated her, and from the first scene they shared screen time it was evident they had some kind of history. - Time

And yet, in spite of all that, "The Other Woman" wasn't a total waste of time, because it wasn't a sole-focus hour. -

"The Other Woman" doesn't succeed, but it's still a good episode of Lost that has all the action, suspense and excitement that this show consistently delivers. It also sheds a little light on the motives of the freighter crew who, like the Others, adore their sense of secrecy. - IGN

...probably the weakest episode of the new season so far. - LA Times

The best thing I can say about The Other Woman is that it tried hard to deliver the goods I wanted — maybe too hard. The whole thing felt forced to me — the sudden transformation of Charlotte and Faraday into Mission: Impossible secret agents; the overheated melodrama of Juliet's flashback; the groaningly contrived kiss between Jack and Juliet (Juliack?); the cliché ticking-clock climax in which catastrophe is averted with a proverbial second to spare. The story was kinda all over the place, as if trying to find something, anything to hook us... - Entertainment Weekly

"Ji Yeon"

I feel like they purposely manipulated us with Jin's flashback and the reveal really wasn't even all that interesting as a result. And the reveal of Michael being the man on the boat was as un-suspenseful as it was predictable. [...] one of my least favorite "Lost" episodes ever. - TMZ

"Meet Kevin Johnson"

All in all, I'd say we got a solid, but not spectacular episode of "Lost." I give it a C+. - TMZ

"The Shape of Things to Come"

I expect Emerson to win [The Primetime Emmy Award for Drama Series - Best Supporting Actor]'-Patrick Kevin Day of the Los Angeles Times

[About Michael Emerson] no one has ever done better work humanizing a supervilian. - Jennifer Godwin of E!

Was overflowing with manna from post-strike heaven: lots of action, lots of intrigue [and] the odd answer or three"; however, he criticized the deaths of the three 815 survivors played by extras and survival of main characters, saying that "that sequence with Sawyer dodging bullets was supposed to be tense and frightening; instead, it was funny - Alan Sepinwall of Star-Ledger

[About Widmore being the antagonist and Ben's seeking of revenge] looks a little too much like Alias' - Jamie Poniewozik of Time

"Something Nice Back Home"

...the kind of hardcore castaway survival plotline we haven't really seen since season 1. Combined with a strong character-driven flash story, it was very old school Lost. - Entertainment Weekly

Another fine, fine "Lost"... - Newsday

I thoroughly enjoyed this episde -- B for sure -- but I have the same odd feeling after this one that I have had after nearly every episode this season. - TMZ

"Cabin Fever"

"Cabin Fever" delves into this relationship that stretches back much farther than anyone could have anticipated and throws in a few surprise guest appearances along the way. - IGN

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" is a good opening to what should be an exciting season finale. - IGN

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"

"That is what amazes me about "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2& 3"; there is a surprise at every turn and just like this series, the episode perpetually gets better and better as the minutes go by." - IGN

"There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"

"That is what amazes me about "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2& 3"; there is a surprise at every turn and just like this series, the episode perpetually gets better and better as the minutes go by." - IGN

Season Five

"Because You Left"

" ...the show is better for it and I have the pleasure of enjoying an exceptional episode like "Because You Left." - IGN

"The Lie"

"The Lie" is a much more focused story than "Because You Left" but in the shadow of the season premiere's revelations and grandeur it is ultimately the weaker of the two." - IGN


"Almost every scene in this episode contained some sort of surprise, development or unexpected twist that had my mouth gaping." - IGN

"The Little Prince"

"Lost continues to deliver the best cliffhangers on television with the return of Jin and the introduction of a young Danielle Rousseau." - IGN

"This Place Is Death"

" ...this time it was all a little much to swallow. Still, a good episode..." - IGN


"However, "316" still delivers a strong story of Jack's personal journey during the final hours before the Oceanic Six reunite..." - IGN

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

"What's great about "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" is that at the conclusion of this episode I have no idea of what will come next." - IGN


"LaFleur" definitely sets up an exciting premise for the latter half of the season and gives Lost fans plenty to talk about..." - IGN


"Namaste" does a good job of setting the wheels in motion for the final half of the season." - IGN

"He's Our You"

"It's about as good a cliffhanger as Lost can deliver." - IGN

"Whatever Happened, Happened"

"I'm really enjoying it so far. It's great to see that characters who loath the adult Linus playing such a pivotal part in his life as a child." - IGN

"Dead Is Dead"

"Dead is Dead" is yet another fantastic Lost episode" - IGN

"Some Like It Hoth"

"Some Like It Hoth" is the first real attempt at revealing Miles' back story but it unfortunately falls a little flat upon execution." - IGN

"The Variable"

"The Variable" definitely lives up to the meaning of its name as it changes what we know about time travel in the Lost universe" - IGN

"Follow the Leader"

"Follow the Leader" is busting at the seams with content." - IGN

"The Incident, Part 1"

"The Incident" delivers a suspenseful and emotional final raid on the future location of The Swan station." - IGN

"The Incident, Part 2"

"The Incident" delivers a suspenseful and emotional final raid on the future location of The Swan station." - IGN

Season Six

"LA X, Part 1"

"Despite the awkward pacing and the information overload of the first hour, "LA X" doesn't disappoint. There are a few questions answered and a boatload of new ones for us to ponder over the coming weeks. With a great deal of excitement, surprises and strong character moments season six is off to a fantastic start." - IGN

"LA X, Part 2"

"Despite the awkward pacing and the information overload of the first hour, "LA X" doesn't disappoint. There are a few questions answered and a boatload of new ones for us to ponder over the coming weeks. With a great deal of excitement, surprises and strong character moments season six is off to a fantastic start." - IGN

"What Kate Does"

"What Kate Does" slows the pace down significantly from last week and focuses on telling a character-driven story. This is a welcome change; especially after the heavily plot-driven season five. However, with questions to answer and so much ground to cover during this final season, a better balance between plot and character wouldn't have been such a bad thing." - IGN

"The Substitute"

"The Substitute" is another great Locke story that focuses on his struggles with being paralysed after Flight 815, but with a few parallel universe twists." - IGN


"Lighthouse" isn't filled with the wall-to-wall excitement of last week's Locke-centric story but it still has plenty of great moments and surprising revelations." - IGN


"Another week and another great episode of Lost." - IGN

"Dr. Linus"

"Dr. Linus" is another great episode that focuses on pivotal decisions that affect these characters both off and on the island." - IGN


"There is much needed setup in "Recon" as the pieces are moving into position and the final chapter of the story quickly approaches." - IGN

"Ab Aeterno"

"The overall story of Lost benefits immensely from the clarity that this week's episode provides. And it's all capped by one outstanding performance by Nestor Carbonell. Batmanuel – take a bow!" - IGN

"The Package"

...there are a few key moments and one surprise reveal that make this another good episode of Lost." - IGN

"Happily Ever After"

"Happily Ever After" does deliver many game changing moments that will alter the way we view the alternate universe from this point forward." - IGN

"Everybody Loves Hugo"

"It's still hard to believe that Lost will be ending in a few short weeks. I don't want you to go." - IGN

"The Last Recruit"

"With just a precious few episodes left in the series, "The Last Recruit" does an exceptional job of moving the plot forward." - IGN

"The Candidate"

"There are some fantastic action sequences in "The Candidate" that do a great job of showing off what a powerhouse the Man in Black really is." - IGN

"Across the Sea"

"Well, at least they got the disappointment out of the way before the finale… right?" - IGN

"Across the Sea" ends up raising far more questions than answers, and at this point in the story that's just plain frustrating." - IGN

"The entire first half hour of "Across the Sea" drags along at a slow pace, never establishing any clear narrative direction" - IGN

"What They Died For"

"Lost bounces back after the disappointing "Across the Sea" with a fantastic setup for the series finale." - IGN

"The End"

"there are many who will find enough comfort and closure in the final moments of "The End" that answers won't matter and they will simply put faith in the fact that the characters got the ending they deserved." - IGN

"The brilliance of this conclusion is that it will inspire the very debate that Locke and Jack had throughout the series. It's the "Man of Faith/Man of Science" argument thrust upon the masses."

Scored the title of Masterpiece with 10/10 on - IGN