"Enter: The Hatch"
Lost The Official Magazine -4

Date Released
April 4, 2006

"Enter: The Hatch" is the fourth issue of the first volume of Lost: The Official Magazine. The issue was released during the second season's airing, April 2006.


Oceanic 815

"The Numbers"

Our survivors' hotel room numbers, the flight number itself - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 just keep cropping up. Here's a guide to their flight-related appearances...

By The Fire

Terry O'Quinn

Is the Island telling Locke what to do? The Emmy-nominated actor behind Lost's mysterious character sits by the embers to discuss DHARMA, and destiny...

Mira Furlan

Is the French woman to be trusted? Or should the survivors remain wary of her? Actress Mira Furlan discusses playing the unpredictable Rousseau...

Jorge Garcia

The man who has everyone saying "Dude" talks about Hurley's interest in Libby, season two's evolution, and those darn numbers...

Dark Territory

"Eko vs. The Monster"

Mr. Eko and Locke may not have been afraid of it, but everyone else seems to be. It's time to theorize about what we actually saw during Eko's face-off...

The Others

"Meet...Bryan Burk"

Every show has its 'Others' - the production team. Executive producer Bryan Burk stops for a Diet Coke break from his hectic schedule to talk Lost...

Under The Hatch

"The Descent"

This section always gets even closer to Lost, and this issue is no exception: exclusive storyboards from Kate's eerie descent down the hatch shaft...

Frequent Flyers

New Transmissions

Lost Supervising Producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach is here once again with exclusive information on season two's future episodes...

Voices From The Fuselage

Got theories of your own about what's going on? Check out what these fans think and then make sure you get in touch today...

Damon Lindelof's Quarantine & Analysis

Lost Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof is once again challenged head-on by fans' probing questions. Pay close attention to his answers...

Dear Diary

Charlie may be going through hell right now, but actor Dominic Monaghan tells us he does find time to relax and hit the surf...

Black Box Flight Recorder

Our Black Box Recorder securely holds the scripts and episodic photography. Remember the jaw-dropping revelation in "Walkabout"?


You're almost clear of the craziness that has been in this special issue number '4'. So here's a sneak preview of what's coming next...

The Island & The Agents

Here's someone who works very closely on Lost and Alias - meet the President of Bad Robot, Thom Sherman...

Exclusive Posters

They may be divided at the moment, but Lost Magazine has reunited Charlie and Claire on one side, with a pin-up of Jin and Sun on the other...


Read about the ideas/theories surrounding the possible thematic links that the salvaged books have to Lost right here...


The promo title for this issue is "Gods and Monsters".

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