A four-note enemies motif characterizes the survivors' distrust of several enemies.

Full list of appearances

  • Ethan threatens Charlie into turning Claire over. ("Homecoming")
  • Mikhail stitches Sayid and tells his life story. ("Enter 77")
    • Locke sees the Flame station's computer. ("Enter 77")
    • Mikhail explains the purge. ("Enter 77")
  • Desmond threatens Mikhail with a flare gun. ("D.O.C.")
  • Ben walks through the jungle towards the sonic fence. He turns it off, and uses a bunny to test before walking through. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")
  • Juliet tells Jin that Sun had an affair. ("Ji Yeon")
  • Faraday, Charlotte, and Miles are placed in a large tent by the 1954 Others. ("Jughead")
  • Sawyer talks to Richard in 1974. ("LaFleur")
  • Keamy introduces himself to Sayid. ("Sundown")
  • Keamy talks to Jin while tying him up. ("The Package")