Emeka was a Nigerian gangster. ("The Cost of Living") He led the gang that threatened Yemi's village, telling Eko that if they did not give him 80% of the vaccine shipment (which he would sell for profit on the black market), he would no longer "offer them protection" from his own gang's violence. Apparently, he had in the past blackmailed Yemi in the same way, and expected Eko to comply when he took over the church. Emeka shot and killed a woman in front of the village to show them he was serious.

Eko, however, was unafraid and ignored his threats, dealing with the vaccine without giving Emeka's gang a cut. When Emeka found out, he came back to the church and ordered that Eko be bound and have his hands cut off with a machete. Emeka appeared unaware of Eko's past as a thug himself, and was surprised when Eko turned the tables and fought them. Ignoring Emeka's pleas for mercy, Eko slaughtered him and his gang of thugs in the church. When Amina found out about the sacrilege, she and the villagers boarded up Yemi's church.

Emeka and his thugs also reappeared in a vision Eko had while in the jungle.