Edward F. "Eddie" Colburn was an undercover police officer who befriended John Locke and infiltrated the commune which Locke had joined. ("Further Instructions")


Eddie sheriff

Eddie's Sheriff's Department ID

According to his Sheriff's Department ID, Eddie graduated from a Humboldt County high school in 1989. In 1991, he graduated college with a major in Police Science. In 1993, he graduated from Basic Law Enforcement Academy. On June 12, 1994 he joined the Humboldt County Patrol Division and in 1995 was promoted to deputy sheriff.

In 1996, Eddie was picked up by Locke as a hitchhiker. When a sheriff stopped the car, Eddie identified himself as Locke's nephew. He was taken to Locke's "family", a small group of people living together in a farming commune, and lived there for six weeks. Mike and Jan discovered that Eddie was an undercover police officer, who was planted to find out the secrets of Locke's "family" and their marijuana-growing operation, though Eddie actually thought they were using fertilizer to make bombs.

Locke, who wanted to "clean up his own mess", took Eddie out hunting with the intent to kill him. At gun point, Eddie confessed to being a police officer. After Locke questioned him, he admitted he was placed on that road so that Locke would pick him up. He said they chose Locke because Locke was the most susceptible to coercion. As Locke further threatened to shoot him, Eddie said he knew he wouldn't. He said he knew Locke was not a murderer, but that he was a good person, and walked away. Locke did not fire the weapon.


Geronimo jackson

A full view of the Geronimo Jackson T-shirt ("Further Instructions")  (promotional still)