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An Easter egg is hidden content intentionally inserted by the creators. With respect to Lost, such content may be:

  • hidden inside either the episodes themselves, where they range from personal jokes, to foreshadowing or development of a plotline or;
  • integrated within the retail DVD interfaces as hidden functions, interface behaviors, and full videos, where Easter eggs have become an expected part of this product industry.

The solutions to the code puzzles on the back of the Lost jigsaw puzzles may also be considered a form of Easter egg. Also, other media content such as comics and other television programs occasionally make allusions to Lost, which may also be considered Easter eggs.

The actual term Easter egg derives from the traditional Easter egg hunt, a Western holiday tradition where children search for Easter eggs which have been hidden outdoors. An Easter egg in the figurative sense is hidden content that creators of certain media, have decided to place within their creations, for reasons that may be personal, novelty, or in the case of DVDs, marketing reasons.

Season 1 Easter eggs

1x15: "Homecoming"

  • Charlie asks Lucy Heatherton where her father is and she replies "I think he's off buying some paper company up in Slough". This is a reference to the UK version of The Office, of which JJ Abrams is a fan.

1x17: "...In Translation"

  • When Jin arrives at Byung Han's house to deliver the "message", Hurley can be seen on the television in the background.

1x18: "Numbers"


Season 2 Easter eggs

2x02: "Adrift"

  • As Sawyer and Michael cling onto the broken raft, a shark with a DHARMA logo visible on its fin swims past. This was confirmed as an Easter Egg rather than a plot clue (although it was later referenced jokingly when Jack was in the aquarium).

2x04: "Everybody Hates Hugo"

  • In Hurley's dream in the pantry, he takes a drink from a milk carton. On that carton is Walt and he is labeled as a missing child.

2x09: "What Kate Did"

  • When Kate visits Sam Austen there is a TV screen in the lower left hand corner. On TV, Sayid is getting arrested.

2x14: "One of Them"

2x15: "Maternity Leave"

  • The paintings hanging in the Staff OR for Claire's OB/GYN procedures are Georgia O'Keeffe's 1923 "Grey Line with Black, Blue and Yellow" and 1919 "Music: Pink and Blue II". O'Keeffe is known for paintings of flowers rendered to resemble female genitalia. These paintings were also visible in 3x16 "One of Us"

2x16: "The Whole Truth"



Season 3 Easter eggs

3x01: "A Tale of Two Cities"

3x03: "Further Instructions"

3x04: "Every Man for Himself"

3x07: "Not in Portland"

3x08: "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

3x13: "The Man from Tallahassee"

  • In a flashback, Locke can be seen watching an episode of Exposé while eating his dinner.

3x14: "Exposé"

  • During the scene of the filming of the Exposé TV show, the clapper board and directors chair show the name Stephen Williams, who was the actual director for Exposé.
  • Dr. Kincaid, the man who tended to Locke when he first became paralysed, is also mentioned in the episode "Exposé" when Paulo reads the description of the director he and Nikki had just killed. One of the shows it was said the director had been the mastermind of was "Dr. Kincaid Esquire".

3x16: "One of Us"

  • The waiting area of Herarat Aviation is seen. Herarat is an anagram of Earhart, which has led people to believe this references Amelia Earhart.
  • The paintings hanging in the Staff OR for Sabine's failed OB/GYN operation are Georgia O'Keefe's 1923 "Grey Line with Black, Blue and Yellow" and 1919 "Music: Pink and Blue II". O'Keefe is known for paintings of flowers rendered to resemble female genitalia. These paintings were also visible in 2x15 "Maternity Leave"

3x18: "D.O.C."

  • In flashback, when Sun went to visit her father at his offices, the company contained Korean script translating to Paik Heavy Industries. Moments later, Sun entered Mr. Paik's office, interrupting a conversation. This was the only Korean in the episode not subtitled. It was found that the individuals in the room were discussing forged shipping documents, and explicitly mentioned The Hanso Foundation (providing a hidden link to the Lost Experience).

3x20: "The Man Behind the Curtain"

3x22: "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"

  • The name of the funeral parlor Jack goes to, "Hoffs/Drawlar," is an anagram for "Flash Forward".


Season 4 Easter eggs

4x01: "The Beginning of the End"

  • The letters H and O show up several times in this episode. "H" is the 8th letter of the alphabet and "O" is the 15th, together this makes 815.
  • When Hurley is talking to Abaddon the chalkboard behind them shows a drawing of a ship, an island, and a shark.

4x02:"Confirmed Dead"

  • The helicopter's marking is N842M.
  • Charlotte was said to be born on July 2, 1979. Amelia Earhart was pronounced missing on July 2, 1937; exactly 42 years earlier.
  • While Miles kneels over Naomi's dead body, whispers can be heard. When the audio on the scene has been reversed, slowed down slightly, and cleaned up, the phrase "You gotta see it through" can be heard.


  • As Kate is entering the courtroom, a bearded man yells at her. When the audio is reversed, it is clear he is saying "We hate you!"

4x06:"The Other Woman"

4x07:"Ji Yeon"

  • Sun is watching a dubbed Korean version of the season 4 finale of Exposé before she switches off the TV and calls an ambulance as she is about to have her baby. Nikki and Mr. LaShade are briefly visible for a split second.

4x08: "Meet Kevin Johnson"

  • Kevin Johnson's passport number: HNSO12153 references Hanso (HNSO) and two of the Numbers 4 and 8 (1+2+1=4 and 5+3=8).

4x09: "The Shape of Things to Come"

  • Hurley and Sawyer played Risk. Sawyer twice rolled the dice, which read 16.
  • At the Sonar Fence, Alex pushes the Numbers 1623.

4x11: "Cabin Fever"

4x12:"There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" This was later revealed to be a significant part of the plot.

  • Membata, the name of the Island Oceanic claimed the Six lived on, is Indonesian for "doubt" or "uncertainty", linking to the lie.
  • A Geronimo Jackson record jacket can be seen near the DJ at Hurley's party.
    • As we see the Geronimo Jackson record, a kid, with the number 42 on his jersey comes in and out of frame. Another child has a jersey with the number 23.
  • What can be seen of Ben's mirror message, interpreted in Morse code, translates to "seise" [1]. The reply was "sii" [2] (although there may have been another letter after the "s" while Locke was raising his binoculars).
  • On the enhanced version, Jack revealed that Boone, Libby, and Charlie are the other 3 (in the cover up story) that died on the Island. These three characters are the only characters that have appeared in prominent visions of other characters after their demise: (Boone appearing to Locke, Libby appearing to Michael and Charlie appearing to Hurley).

4x13:"There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"

  • As the Oceanic Six arrive on Sumba, the blocking and set dressing of Sumba's shore is similar to Elliott's second flashback from Lost: Via Domus.
  • The people in the Searcher speaking Portuguese are the same people seen in Live Together, Die Alone. The bizarre accent is the same heard in that episode, still neither European nor Brazilian, although closer to the latter. A list of countries speaking Portuguese may be found at [3]. The transcript goes:

(The castaways see the Searcher, Jack realizes they will have to lie)

- Aponta, lá adiante! Lá! (Point it there! Right there!)

- Uma jangada cheia de gente. São oito deles. (A raft filled with people. There are eight of them)

- De onde eles vieram(?)? De onde eles vieram? (Where did they come from(?)? Where did they come from?)

- Ei, aqui! Dá uma olhada aqui! (Hey, here! Take a look here!)

- Depressa! (Hurry!)

- Pega uns cobertores. E a caixa de primeiros socorros. Traga para aqui agora! (Get some blankets. And the first-aid kit. Bring them here now!)

- Uma jangada com pessoas, Ms. Widmore! Ms. Widmore, venha à proa! (A raft with people, Ms. Widmore! Ms. Widmore, come to the front of the boat!)

(Penny speaks)


DVD Easter eggs

All four Complete DVD box sets contain Easter eggs. These are viewed either by watching certain menu backgrounds for long enough or finding hidden menu options with your DVD controller. The majority of eggs are bloopers, behind the scenes footage or novelty items.

Lost: Via Domus Easter eggs


Jigsaw puzzles

Main article: Jigsaw puzzles

Between July 2006 and August 2007 a series of Lost themed jigsaw puzzles were released. Although seemingly each one a 1000 piece puzzle based on a particular theme, each puzzle when completed holds several secret messages when viewed in the dark. Gregg Nations, part of the Lost production and writing team, has cited information gained from the Easter eggs in this series of puzzles as canon[4].

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