The east coast dock is situated on the east coast of the Island across from Hydra Island, Northwards lay some bluffs and the east coast cove. ("The Last Recruit")

When the Others had captured the Elizabeth after sneaking on board from the Galaga ("The Glass Ballerina"), they eventually moored the sailboat in the cove and kept it in working order.

Three years later the Man in Black gave Sawyer a rough map to find the Elizabeth at the cove, to bring it to the dock to collect all Man in Black's recruits and then take them to Hydra Island.

6x13 MIB map

Location of the dock.

Shortly afterwards Jack's group arrived at the dock where the Elizabeth was now anchored. They joined Kate and Sawyer and prepared to leave without the other recruits, but then Claire (who wasn't invited) emerged from the jungle with a rifle. Kate explained to her they were not going with John because it wasn't John. She asked Claire to join them and when Claire said that John made her a promise, Kate told her that she was the one who could reunite her with him. Claire relented but added that when he would find out that they had left "he's going to be mad."

The Elizabeth then left the dock with all aboard. ("The Last Recruit")

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