"Dysfunctional Setup"
6x17-Dysfuntional Setup
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Dysfunctional Setup" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It serves as Sayid and Shannon's love theme.

Scene description

Sayid and Hurley arrive at a bar. Hurley refuses to explain details, citing unspecified rules, but he says that he trusts Sayid, who's a better person than he believes.

A fight breaks out in the alley, and Sayid ignores it at first. When he notices a woman fall to the ground though, he intervenes. He then discovers the woman is Shannon. The two remember their lives and kiss.

Boone, a victim of the fight, approaches Hurley and jokes about the situation.

Full list of appearances

"Dysfunctional Setup" and its variations play during the following scenes:

  • Sayid and Shannon kiss in their new tent. ("Abandoned")
    • Sayid tells her he believes she's been seeing Walt. ("Abandoned")
  • Sayid and Shannon reunite in the afterlife. ("The End")


Besides its own theme, the piece begins with Sayid's theme.