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Dustin Watchman
NameDustin Watchman
Date of birthMarch 02, 1979 (age 40)
Place of birthSalem, Oregon, USA
Character on LostScott Jackson
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Dustin Watchman is a member of the background cast for the middle section survivors. For the episode "The Moth", Watchman was upgraded to a speaking role for the part of Scott Jackson.

In the same episode, cast member Christian Bowman introduced himself as Steve Jenkins. The character of Scott Jackson was later killed by Ethan Rom in "Homecoming". Since the death of Scott, Bowman left the show and Watchman took over his roll as Steve.

Dustin is a stand-in for Jack.

Watchman appeared in all of the following episodes of Lost:

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  • Dustin Watchman appeared in an interview on the LOST Season 4 DVD, disc 5. While highlighting "Offshore Shoot", press right and then up twice, and then select. See clip (at 2:00) [1]

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