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Season 6, Episode 7 - "Dr. Linus"

Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Directed by: Mario Van Peebles

ABC Commentary by: Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson 00:01 Hi, it’s Michael Emerson. I play Benjamin. And we’re looking at 607, which is the all-Ben episode of the sixth season.

Michael Emerson 00:10 It sneaked up on me. I hadn’t really sort of psyched myself up to it, so I’m doing the best I can on this one y’all and we’ll take a look at it now.

Michael Emerson 00:37 More running through the jungle. Nothing worse than running through the jungle at night. You cannot see the vines…

Michael Emerson 00:54 And, oh look, just happen to run into our friends who have bright torches.

Michael Emerson 01:51 Okay, here we go. This is a flash sideways. This is the other Ben. It’s so much fun on a series to get to play, really, two characters.

Michael Emerson 02:03 This is Ben in another might-have-been life. Or maybe it’s THE life, I’m not even really sure.

Michael Emerson 02:10 He’s a deglamorized and de-dramatized Ben. Bad hair, bad clothes, the whole deal. Not really going anywhere. But you see traces of the Benjamin we know coming up.

Michael Emerson 02:28 William Atherton, another in a string of fantastic guest players on our show.

Michael Emerson 02:39 This is a guy whose work I admired when I was starting out as an actor or a wannabe actor. And to get to play a scene with him on LOST was thrilling.

Michael Emerson 02:55 We’re shooting this at a high school in Hawaii on the shores of Pearl Harbor Bay.

Michael Emerson 03:01 And in the distance… there are all these old battleships lined up. It’s the place where they warehouse the old battleships. Interesting.

Michael Emerson 03:10 Here’s Dr. Arzt, that we know from previous episodes of LOST and a really funny guy. And so much fun.

Michael Emerson 04:23 Back in the jungle…late at night.

Michael Emerson 04:48 It’s three in the morning in the jungle and everybody’s a wreck. And the torches are difficult.

Michael Emerson 04:49 Or they have too little juice and they don’t provide enough light for the cameras.

Michael Emerson 04:55 They either have too much juice in them so they flare up and want to burn your hair off.

Michael Emerson 05:06 Uh oh.

Michael Emerson 05:11 This was the first time I had ever personally witnessed Miles doing the communication with the dead thing. It really was interesting. He really plays it well.

Michael Emerson 05:29 This isn’t gonna be good.

Michael Emerson 05:48 It’s really hard to play the “what” moment when you’re outed as a villain. You can only just make so many faces of protestation.

Michael Emerson 06:20 I gotta say, a lot of face acting in that scene.

Michael Emerson 06:22 This episode was directed by Mario Van Peebles. A wonderful director that we all know from “New Jack City” and his own stellar acting career.

Michael Emerson 06:32 And it was the first time he had ever worked on LOST, so here he and I were thrown together and he turns out to be a great, classy, insightful actor’s director.

Michael Emerson 06:43 P.S. – A good-looking guy. A good-smelling guy.

Michael Emerson 06:49 The first person I ever worked with on LOST that wore cologne boldly and it was a great scent. And I liked to get close to him.

Michael Emerson 06:57 Here we are back at the old Lostie camp. Ben has never been privileged to walk around here.

Michael Emerson 07:31 Okay…

Michael Emerson 07:38 Pay close attention to those wires

Michael Emerson 07:54 Those are my real-life eyeglasses. But it’s gonna turn out to be a continuity problem.

Michael Emerson 08:04 Here we are in Ben’s flash sideways domestic life. Remember his dad?

Michael Emerson 09:28 John Gries. He’s been my dad right along. This is another stellar makeup job by Steve LaPorte to age him up. This actor is actually younger than I am.

Michael Emerson 10:05 I didn’t know if I’d ever play another scene with Tania, my dear daughter Alex.

Michael Emerson 10:17 And here she is in a completely different form, but still the same kind of dynamic at least, here she is again, someone that I should look after.

Michael Emerson 10:43 Ilana’s very busy. What is she gonna do?

Michael Emerson 13:00 He (Richard) materialized out of the jungle like he always does.

Michael Emerson 13:31 A copy of The Chosen by Chaim Potok in the sand there – another little literary Easter egg.

Michael Emerson 13:51 That’s huge.

Michael Emerson 14:11 Good point. Recurring motif here. People keep talking about how different their lives would have been. And Ben says would it really have been?

Michael Emerson 14:44 Oh good, here we are at the graveyard.

Michael Emerson 15:22 That’s a little scary when she says “it’s for you.” She doesn’t have a warm look in her eye.

Michael Emerson 17:36 Shocking.

Michael Emerson 18:06 Now what kind of shovel is that? If Polynesian culture depended on its architecture for that kind of shovel they weren’t gonna get much done.

Michael Emerson 19:04 Wow, that sounds desperate.

Michael Emerson 19:35 Ouch.

Michael Emerson 23:49 May I say that even when you’re pretending to dig a grave, you do have to sort of really dig the grave.

Michael Emerson 23:55 And with a bizarre and antique Polynesian tool like that, it’s a long day in the heat.

Michael Emerson 24:20 Make a mental note of those manacles and chains.

Michael Emerson 27:20 Classic LOST cliffhanger at the end of an act. One of the great sets that they ever built for LOST is the Black Rock-it’s so cool and it lights so beautifully.

Michael Emerson 27:28 It has so many cracks and crevices and stuff in it that they can shine beams of light through.

Michael Emerson 27:44 How many times has Jack been in a Russian Roulette situation on the show?

Michael Emerson 27:51 I remember playing a scene with him two seasons ago where we were playing a game of chicken about whether his friends would be shot by my henchmen.

Michael Emerson 28:00 Remember that one with the walkie talkie? And here he goes again.

Michael Emerson 29:55 Notice the bloody nose and mouth-- a scene was cut out here where Ben refused to keep digging and Ilana kicked him in the face! ha

Michael Emerson 30:03 Guess who?

Michael Emerson 31:54 Here we go. Running through the jungle again.

Michael Emerson 32:20 This is a small-scale Ben-play happening in the life of a man that doesn’t do that kind of thing easily.

Michael Emerson 32:27 It was fun to play “workin’ a number” but not confidently. Ben was always confident. But Sideways Ben isn’t.

Michael Emerson 36:28 It’s a hard scene to modulate how much of one thing or another to do but it’s an interesting turn in the story. We must have done it 4 or 5 times, that scene.

Michael Emerson 36:40 And we did it mostly sort of a long shot which you saw all the way up until it suddenly moves into a close-up which I think they almost forgot to do.

Michael Emerson 36:49 And then we did it at the last take or so.

Michael Emerson 37:09 It’s such a shockeroo when she says “I’ll have you.” It feels like a sea change in Ben’s life or his perception of himself or his place in the world or the game.

Michael Emerson 39:21 Like he knew her in another life.

Michael Emerson 39:25 It’s a nice foil for the loss of his daughter in our real storyline. And here in some milder parallel world he manages a rescue. Which is nice.”

Michael Emerson 40:02 (I’m) not exactly the most welcome person here.”

Michael Emerson 40:31 She’s thinking this is weird.

Michael Emerson 40:47 Now we get the first classic LOST montage in many, many episodes.

Michael Emerson 41:00 This is one of the great silent reunion, camp reunion montages that the show is famous for.

Michael Emerson 41:06 Many of the emotional highlights or high points of the show have been done in this way and it’s been a season or so since they’ve had a good one.

Michael Emerson 41:17 So this is kind of sweet to see Jack and Hurley.

Michael Emerson 41:25 Because wherever Hurley goes, that’s where the heart of the show goes. You know that there is comfort and happiness where he’s at.

Michael Emerson 41:34 And it’s all about Giacchino’s music, obviously. The guy’s a genius.

Michael Emerson 41:51 But here we have a montage where the difference is there’s a couple of outsiders here. A couple of our traditional villains…

Michael Emerson 42:00 We’ve got Richard Alpert and Ben, who are not traditional allies of this group and yet somehow they’re here.

Michael Emerson 42:07 So we seem to be having a new group of allies is forming, a new combination of heroes, maybe. I don’t know. Stay tuned.

Michael Emerson 42:18 So we have a kind of an emotional and, you know, a romantic regrouping … The inner circle is together…happy to be together.

Michael Emerson 42:40 And yet we see now that it will be brief because the forces of confusion and violence are at their doorstep.