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Enhanced version of Season 6, Episode 7: Dr. Linus-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

Ben is running from the massacre
that is taking place at the Temple.

The smoke monster attacked the Temple
and killed everyone who was still there
as seen in the previous episode, "Sundown."

This is Sun, Miles, Ilana, and Frank Lapidus.
Ben stayed behind at the Temple to get Sayid.
But Sayid chose to side with the Man in Black
who is the smoke monster
in the form of John Locke.

Ben once described the Temple
as the last safe place on the island
for the Others.

This is not a flashback or a flash-forward.
It is a flash "sideways."

It presents what would have happened
if Oceanic Flight 815
didn't crash on the island
but instead landed in Los Angeles.

In this flash sideways
Ben is a European History teacher.

This is Dr. Leslie Arzt, a science teacher.
On the island
Arzt was an Oceanic 815 survivor
who died in the Season 1 Finale, "Exodus."

Arzt died near the Black Rock ship
when he was helping Jack, Kate and Hurley
handle unstable dynamite.

The dynamite exploded in Arzt's hands
and killed him.

This is John Locke
a substitute teacher in the flash sideways.

On the island
Ben was the leader of the Others.

Ben banished the previous leader
Charles Widmore, because Ben believed
Widmore didn't care enough about the island
as seen in the Season 5 episode, "Dead is Dead."

Miles is referring to the smoke monster
which killed Ilana's team
inside the foot statue on the beach.

Ben is lying.
He is the one who killed Jacob, as seen
in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

Locke manipulated Ben into the murder.
Ben later discovered
that Locke was actually the smoke monster.

Miles was born on the island in 1977
and eventually left the island with his mother.

Miles has had the ability to talk to the dead
since he was a young boy, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "Some Like It Hoth."

Miles returned to the island
in the Season 4 episode, "Confirmed Dead."

Miles was part of the team from the freighter
Charles Widmore hired to capture Ben
and take over the island.

As seen in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident"
Ilana was in a Russian hospital
when Jacob came to her and asked for help.

Ilana's team came to the island
to protect Jacob
but Ben had already killed him.

Act 2

This is the original beach camp
where the Oceanic survivors lived for over 100 days.

It has been abandoned for over three years.

This man is Roger Linus, Ben's father.

This is a flash sideways difference.

Ben killed his father on the island
by release a canister of poison gas
as seen in the Season 3 episode
"The Man Behind the Curtain."

When Ben was 11-years old
Roger brought him to the island
where they lived and worked
as members of the DHARMA Initiative.

In the island story, Ben and his father did stay
and Ben became part of the Others
and eventually killed most of the members
of the DHARMA Initiative during the Purge.

This is Alexander Rousseau, Ben's student.
However, she represents
another flash sideways difference.

On the island, Ben kidnapped Alex as a baby
from Danielle Rousseau
and raised Alex as his own daughter.

Alex was shot and killed on the island
by the leader of Widmore's mercenary team
as seen in the Season 4 episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

Sun has been separated from her husband, Jin
since the freighter explosion
as seen in the Season 4 Finale
"There's No Place Like Home."

Sun was rescued
along with the rest of the Oceanic 6
but she returned to the island to find Jin.

Jacob was the person in charge of the island.

Jacob made contact with each of the survivors
at some point in their lives and touched them
as seen in the Season 5 Finale, "The Incident."

Jacob's touch
seemed to have brought them to the island
and make them candidates for his replacement.

Jack and Hurley are both survivors
from the crash of Oceanic 815.
They are also candidates to replace Jacob.

Like Miles, Hurley can also talk to the dead
as seen in the Season 4 Premiere
"The Beginning of the End."

Jacob appeared to Hurley
told him to leave the Temple
and bring Jack with him, as seen
in this season's episode "Lighthouse."

Hurley knows
that something bad happened at the Temple
and they shouldn't go back.

This is Richard Alpert
who worked with Jacob
as an advisor to the Others.

Jack met Richard in 1977, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "Follow the Leader."

Jack does trust Richard because
Richard led Jack to the hydrogen bomb
which Jack tried to detonate
at the Swan construction site.

Ben is in Sawyer's tent
searching through his stash of supplies.

One of the books in Sawyer's stash
is The Chosen by Chaim Potok.

The book explores religious faith
between two boys, their fathers
and their friendship
in the chaotic times of 1940s Brooklin.

Lapidus was the pilot on Ajira Flight 316
which brought the Oceanic 6
back to the island.

The replacement pilot on Oceanic 815
survived the crash on the island
but was killed by the smoke monster
in the first episode of the series.

This is the survivors' graveyard
which is known as Boone Hill.
It is named after Boone Carlyle
one of the first survivors to die on the island.

Boone died in the Season 1 episode
"Do No Harm"
trying to make a radio call for help
to rescue the survivors.

Act 3

Alex's mother is Danielle Rousseau.
On the island, Danielle was shipwrecked
and lived there alone for over 16 years.

When Ben stole baby Alex from Danielle
he threatened to kill Danielle
if she came looking for Alex, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, "Dead is Dead."

Ben and Lapidus
recently buried the body
of the real John Locke on Boone Hill, as seen
in this season's episode "The Substitute."

The grean beans are left over
from the DHARMA Initiative food drops
which frequently descended on the island.

Miles wanted $3.2 million
to lie to Charles Widmore
and tell him that Ben was dead
as seen in the Season 4 episode, "Eggtown."

Ben knows he can leave the island
by turning the wheel at the Orchid station
and portaling to the Tunisian desert.

Nikki and Paulo's story was depicted
in the Season 3 episode "Exposé."

They stole diamonds from Nikki's employer
and tried to escape to America
but Oceanic 815 crashed on the island.

Before Ben killed Jacob
Ben was told he had a choice.

Jacob told Ben
he could do what Locke asked
or he could leave
and let Jacob and Locke discuss their issues.

Richard has lived on the island
for a very long time
and seemingly does not age.

This is the Black Rock
a 19th century slave ship
that mysteriously shipwrecked
in the middle of the jungle.

Danielle Rousseau
brought the survivors here to find dynamite
which was stored inside
as seen in the Season 1 episode, "Exodus."

Sayid and Kate left the Temple with Locke
in the previous episode, "Sundown."

Act 4

On the island, Ben is a master manipulator
and is always one step ahead of anyone else
to get what he wants.

Ben said he always has a plan
in the Season 4 Finale
"There's No Place Like Home."

On the island, Ben is indeed a killer.

He has been responsible for many deaths
including the purge of the DHARMA Initiative
the deaths of Oceanic survivors
the Others and Jacob.

Richard is angry
because Jacob kept him in the dark.

Jacob did not explain to Richard
his plan for the candidates, as revealed
in this season's episode "The Substitute."

This is the same cache of dynamite
the survivors used
to protect themselves from the Others
in the Season 1 Finale, "Exodus."

It is the same dynamite
which blew up Leslie Arzt.

The jungle heat causes nitroglycerin
to seep out of the dynamite
and makes it unstable.

In the Season 4 episode "Meet Kevin Johnson"
Mr. Friendly told Michael that the island
wouldn't let Michael kill himself
because it wasn't done with him.

Jacob visited Jack and touched him
after Jack's first solo spinal surgery
as seen in the Season 5 Finale
"The Incident."

Jacob touched Hurley in a taxi
after Hurley was released from prison
and encouraged Hurley
to return to the island on Ajira Flight 316.

Act 5

This is a big turn for Jack.
The last time Jack saw Locke alive
they argued over whether or not
coming to the island was their destiny.

Jack has always been a "man of science"
and has rejected the idea
that fate brought them to the island.

Ben recognizes that sound
as the sound of the smoke monster.

This is the smoke monster
taking the form of John Lock.
Ben strangled and killed the real Locke in LA
before returning to the island.

Ben and Jack brought Locke's body
back to the island
and Locke was "resurrected"
as the smoke monster in human form.

Locke's offer is a way of manipulating Ben
by playing on Ben's desire for power.

The last time Locke manipulated Ben
Ben ended up killing Jacob
which set the island
on a course of death and destruction.

The "other" island
is just off the coast of the main island
and the place where the Ajira Flight 316 landed.

Ben is faced with a similar choice
that he had in the Season 4 episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

Ben can choose to think only of himself
as he did on the island
which resulted in Alex's death
at the hands of Widmore's mercenaries.

Or Ben can choose
to sacrifice his own interests
and allow Alex to realize her dreams.

Act 6

Ben choice not to go for the power
and he made a selfless choice to help Alex
who is someone he cared about.

But Ben also made sure
he got something in return.

This is the same shelter
Sun shared with Jin
when the two lived on the island.

This is one of the diamonds
buried with Nikki and Paulo.

This is the first time Sun, Hurley and Jack
have seen each other
since they boarded Ajira Flight 316
in the Season 5 episode "316."

When the plane approached the island
Hurley and Jack flashed to 1977
and Sun landed in the present day island.

This is Charles Widmore
who will do anything in his power
to possess the island.

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