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{{Infobox Guest star|
| Name=Donnie Keshawarz
| Image=DonnieKeshawarz .jpg
| ImageCaption='''Donnie Keshawarz Portrait'''
| DOB=July 30, 1969
| birthplace=Guelph, Ontario, Canada
| character=Essam Tasir
| website=http://www.donniekeshawarz.com/
| imdb_id=1334507
'''Donnie Keshawarz''' played the role of [[Essam Tasir]].
* Grew up in Arkansas, USA
* Has 2 sisters
* Is half Afghan and half Lithuanian.
* Liked the musical artists ''Rush'', ''Yes'', and ''Prince'' as a child
* Aspired to play soccer professionally as a child, and played competitively until he was 18.
* Spent his undergraduate years at Arkansas State and Rutgers University where he graduated with a BFA.
* Received his Masters Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1998.
* Has studied privately with the great Herbert Berghoff at the HB Studios in New York.
* Appeared in the Broadway show, ''Taboo'', where he was the standby for Philip Sallon and Leigh Bowery.
* His first television acting role was as Gary Rady in ''As The World Turns'' in 1998.
* Also guest starred in six episodes in the second season of ''24'' in 2003.
* Earned a recurring role in the hit tv series,''The Sopranos'' slated to air in March 2006.
* Currently starring in ''Tarzan'' on Broadway.
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