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Dog may refer to:

Named dogs

  • Bpo Bpo, Sun's dog who was given as a gift when a puppy by Jin, originally given to him by Secretary Byung Han
  • Buster, Hurley's dog, mentioned in passing in "...And Found"
  • Cerberus, referenced on the blast door map
  • Madison, one of the dogs that plays Vincent
  • Panchito, Sister Consuela's dog
  • Pono, one of the dogs that plays Vincent
  • Vincent, a labrador retriever who has been cared for by Brian Porter, Michael and Walt, Shannon, and later Rose and Bernard.
  • Ms. Honolulu, Jack Bender's dog
  • Holden, owned by Tracey R

Unnamed dogs

  • The golden retriever that was adopted by Locke's mother when his sister Jeannie died, as related in "Outlaws"
  • The "lost dog" depicted on a flyer that Locke removes from his windshield in the parking lot before getting hit by the golden Pontiac in "Deus Ex Machina"
  • The dog a child beat to death with a shovel in a story Eko relates in "Three Minutes"
  • The dog depicted in Jacob's painting in his cabin
  • Dogs in the veterinarian's office in "The Economist"
  • A woman is holding a dog in the Parisian cafe where Sayid worked (image) "Enter 77"
  • A dog is lying on the lawn outside the Oxford University building where Faraday worked (image) "Confirmed Dead". This dog is Ms. Honolulu
  • A dog is visible chasing goats near the Nigerian soccer field in Eko's childhood (image) "The Cost of Living". This dog is Ms. Honolulu
  • When Hurley is looking for clothing he considers buying an "I Love My Wire Haired" shirt with Ms. Honolulu on it but buys an "I Love my Shih Tzu" instead.
  • The dog Hugo is holding outside the Humane Society in "Everybody Loves Hugo", which was actor Jorge Garcia's real-life dog Nunu

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