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Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance, and is currently a treasured commodity as a gemstone. Diamonds have been featured on a number of occasions in Lost.

In "...And Found"


Sun's Diamond in the sand

Sun loses her wedding ring while burying the bottle with messages. She found it only when she stopped looking for it.

In "Flashes Before Your Eyes"

3x08 diamond in water

Penny's diamond ring in water

Desmond goes to Ms. Hawking's shop to buy Penny an engagement ring. Ms. Hawking recommends one to him. When Desmond changes his mind to not marry Penny, he throws the ring into the River Thames.

In "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"

Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack is located in Diamond Bar, CA, USA.

In "Exposé"

In Find 815

  • Talbot comes from a wealthy East Coast, New England family with a sketchy history in the diamond trade.
  • Sam is planing to propose to Sonya with a diamond wedding ring.
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