"Dharma vs Lostaways" is an orchestral piece on the Season 5 soundtrack. It plays during the Battle at the Swan in 1977.

Scene description

Jack approaches the under-construction Swan station as Radzinsky's men look for him. Phil spots him and a gunfight ensues. Kate, Juliet, Miles, and Sawyer arrive in a DHARMA van as backup and successfully overtake the Swan site. Jack hesitates momentarily before dropping the Jughead core into the Swan, but after several tense moments, nothing happens.


The DHARMA motif opens the piece, followed closely by Jack's motif and the main theme. Then Jughead's theme plays, and Jack's motif returns.

The piece's second movement features material Giacchino wrote for the Lost video game Lost: Via Domus, however, in the episode, the main theme's counterpoint plays during this section. The main theme then plays, leading up to more of Jughead's theme. The piece ends with the life and death theme.

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