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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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Characters:   Dan Bronson · Daniel Faraday · Hans Van Eeghen · Lara · RuckusGuy
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On this day

  • Test 7, the seventh and final test, was released along a new video with Hans Van Eeghen.

Namaste, my recruits. I trust you are well. I am sure many of you were expecting to undertake the seventh and final test of the Volunteer Recruitment Program. Well, I take great pleasure in revealing that you have already completed this most challenging exam. I realise this may be a surprise to some so let me share with you the title of the test. Perhaps it will help explain this unexpected turn of events. "The Integrity, Honor, and Honesty Assesment". Throughout the volunteer recruitment program recruits were covertly supplied with cheat codes which, if utilised, provided an unfair advantage in the testing procedure. These codes were distributed by the ever persistent Black Swan. Despite repeated warnings to ignore Black Swan's communications a significant proportion of recruits exploited these codes. However, what these recruits did not understand was that Black Swan's codes were also a test. A test that I have been orchestrating since the very beginning of recruitment. A test of their integrity. I, of course, am Black Swan. This deception was always part of my design for the recruitment process. It is not in my nature to behave in this way but in this situation it was necessary. The Dharma Initiative has been betrayed by those close to it before. We had to take seriously the possibility it could happen again. I must admit, however, I never anticipated how many talented recruits would be so easily tempted. How many would be without integrity, honor, or honesty. As a result these recruits have failed the seventh test. Furthermore the future of the Dharma Initiative is also under review. For those of you who did not resort to using the code you have naturally passed the integrity test. You are to be commended for your honesty. The officials reviewing your results will look very favourably on this outcome. Congratulations. This document contains the raw data collected from all recruits during the testing procedures. Individual test scores, cumulative scores, averages, groups, Dharma points, cheat codes utililised; it is all here. And their are a number of observations I could make from just a preliminary examination of the test data. But that would be improper. As stipulated by official procedure your results will now go to the Dharma Initiative's recruit evaluation panel for review. The outcome of which will determine within the Dharma Initiative's current project. On behalf of the Dharma Initiative, I would like to thank you all for your efforts over the last seven weeks. The final decision regarding your position within upcoming research activities will now be left in the hands of my superiors. Results will be released after December 15. Good luck to you all, and as the great French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau argued "Patience is bitter but it's fruit is sweet". Namaste.


In the video, Eeghen revealed that he is the Black Swan, and the cheats in the DharmaWantsYou assessments were all part of an "overall" assessment. This overall assessment, entitled the Honesty and Integrity Test, was cumulative of all six tests. If a recruit cheated on any of the tests using Black Swan's cheats, then they failed Test 7. If the recruit did not use cheats, they completed Test 7.

Recruits are placed into two groups White Swan if they did not cheat on any of the tests and Black Swan if they cheated on any of the tests.

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