"Dharma Disaster"
5x16 HostileRoger
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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Dharma Disaster" is an orchestral piece on the Season 5 soundtrack.

Scene description

In a flashback, a car hits Nadia. Sayid holds her as she dies.

In 1977, Sayid wraps Jughead's core. Richard smashes into Horace's house, and he knocks out Eloise before she can enter. Jack and Sayid go in and hear sirens. Sayid puts on a jumpsuit to help blend in, and they exit the house.

Roger catches them and shoots Sayid. Jack fires back, and a larger shoot-out begins. Hurley and Jin then arrive in the DHARMA van and drive them away.

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Sayid's theme plays early in the piece. The second movement begins with the piece's new motif. Jughead's theme plays later, followed by the Others' main motif. At the end of the piece, the main theme leads up to a variation on the finale action theme.


The piece's new motif also appears in "Dharma vs Lostaways".