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Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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DharmaWantsYou.com has issued a series of aptitude tests, designed by Hans Van Eeghen, that assigned candidates into specific groups. More details about each test can be viewed in individual article spaces. Beginning with an eligibility test, a series of other tests were released weekly (each with a "cheat" function built into the evaluation). There were seven tests in total:

  • Test 1: Pressurized Spatial Judgment Evaluation
  • Test 2: Broad Spectrum Knowledge Analysis
  • Test 3: Dexterity and Attentiveness Evaluation
  • Test 4: Tangential Judgment Analysis
  • Test 5: Numeric Projection Evaluation
  • Test 6: Specialized Departmental Evaluation
  • Test 7: Honesty and Integrity Test

Eligibility test

On July 25, the Dharma Initiative launched "the Project" with the Eligibility assessment test. The test consisted of several multiple choice questions, ranging from a variety of topics. All recruits who took the test passed.

Recruit Created Assessments (RCA)

On September 10, the Dharma Initiative launched the Recruit Created Assessment project, allowing recruits to produce their own multiple choice exams (similar to Test 2) on any topic, which they can then issue to other recruits. Playing another recruit's test gains the creator 50 Dharma points. Furthermore, if the Dharma Initiative uses a recruit's test or any of their questions in the future, a further 500 points will be given in recognition. Test categories include communication, physics and psychology, as well as "other" for particular specialist subjects.