This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
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This article lists details concerning a test issued by on September 11.

This test is entitled: Tangential Judgment Analysis.


Test 4 is in many ways similar to Test 2, issuing recruits with a series of multiple choice questions. However, rather than general knowledge, Test 4 seems to focus more on mathematics and critical thinking, not necessarily requiring as much prior knowledge to solve the questions.

Like Test 2, the final question asks "What is the answer to this question", with responses randomized such as "A:D" and "B:C".


The day before the release of Test 4, a video featuring Hans Van Eeghen contained the hidden message in matrix and anagram form "Mittelwerk". Typing this code when the final question appears causes the correct answer to flash (which is random each time).


Group names

Following the test, recruits are put into one of five new groups. These are Atlas, Crius, Cronus, Helios and Oceanus. All of these names are characters from Greek mythology, more specifically all Titans.

The two most well-known of the five names are Atlas, who held up the heavens, and Cronus, once leader of the Titans.

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