This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project
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This article lists details concerning a test issued by DharmaWantsYou.com on July 29.

This test is entitled: Eligibility Test.


Participants who first sign up must take a test to determine if they can "pass". (It is likely that all recruits, in fact, pass as part of the ARG.) After the test is completed, the recruit must create and configure an account by entering certain personal information. Once this is done, the new user can then check their own Progress, view the Top 10 Recruits on a Leaderboard, or view their own Profile. Recruitment assessments are said to begin soon.

During the test, the background audio loop contains an Icelandic phrase, spoken repeatedly by a woman. She says: [1]

Þeir sem koma að dharmaverkefninu munu þurfa ferðast yfir hafið um langan veg á umtalsverðum hraða. Vinnan mun fela í sér útiveru og líkamlegt athæfi. Þú munt jafnvel einnig geta upplifað óstöðleika á tímanum á samfylgdinni. Vonandi ert þú sem og margir sem finnst vinnan mikilvægari en persónulegt öryggi þitt.

Those who come to the Dharma Initiative will have to travel a long way across the sea at a considerable speed. Work will include being outdoors and physical labour. You may also experience some instability of time along the way. Hopefully you, like many others, feel that your social duty is more important than your personal safety.


Picture associations

Description Image Answers References Notes

1.Tree with "Surprise" and an arrow on it DWY1.jpg


  • This image refers to an ambush, a common technique used by the Others.
2.Strange red picture, looks like blood DWY2.jpg


  • This image refers to candy, which could be a reference to Apollo Bars.
3.Little Red riding hood DWY3.jpg


  • This image refers to deception, another common theme in Lost.
  • This image was drawn by Gustave Doré for Charles Perrault's fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.
  • It is entitled "She was astonished to see how her grandmother looked"
4.Tree stumps in a barren wasteland DWY4.jpg


  • This image could be a reference to the Purge.
5.Bones, spinal cord DWY5.jpg


  • This image could be a reference to Ben's spinal tumor and subsequent surgery.
  • The image could also relate to Locke's spine after being broke by an 8 story fall where the Island healed him.
  • This image also references a guitar, which could be a reference to Charlie.
6.Weird Carrot (looks like a arm) DWY6.jpg


7.Girl getting sprayed in the face with water DWY7.jpg


  • This question refers to siblings, which is a common theme on Lost.
8.Dark Road at night DWY8.jpg


  • This image refers to an ambush, a common technique used by the Others.
  • This image also refers to isolation, another common theme of Lost.
9.Teeth Diagram DWY9.jpg


  • This image could be a reference to Bernard, who is a dentist.
10.Old Capsizing Ship DWY10.jpg


  • This image refer to a shipwreck, which could be a reference to the Black Rock or the Kahana.

Hypothetical situations

A question about stealing.

Another question with possible Lost connections.

11.A spider is biting your arm. You don't kill it. Why?
A. It is not poisonous
B. You have a prosthetic Arm
C. You are Buddhist
D.you are paralyzed with fear

12.You just stole a sick childs toy. Why?
A.The child was choking on it
B.To replace the batteries
C.To wind it up
D.You are a child too

13.A tortoise is on his back in the sun. You are not helping. Why?
A. The tortoise is already dead
B. You are herpetophobic (afraid of reptiles)
C.The tortoise is locked in a cage
D.You are filming a wildlife documentary

14.You are crawling across a stormy beach. Why?
A.You're shipwrecked
B.You've lost a contact lens
C.You are a crab
D.You are a soldier on a beach invasion

15.You are running down an unfamiliar street. Why?
A.You are in a marathon
B.You are in a Spanish Bull run
C.You are chasing an icecream truck
D.You are on the run from the police

16. You are lying face down on the edge of a cemetary. Why?
A.You are sleeping in an adjacent park
B.You fainted from grief
C.Your body fell out of the hearse
D.You suffer from narcolepsy

17.You are sitting on you bed with a sharp knife. Why?
A. A burglar is in your house
B.You are about to cutoff the tag of a new pair of shorts
C.You are eating breakfast in bed
D. You are rehearsing a scene from MacBeth


References to Lost

All of the subjects referenced in the questions can be correlated to the people, events, and themes of Lost.

  • See the chart for Questions 1-10's references to Lost.
  • Question 14 refer to a shipwreck, which could be a reference to the Black Rock
  • Question 10 also refers to abandonment, another common theme of Lost
  • Question 11 refers to a spider bite and paralysis, which is what led to Paulo and Nikki's untimely deaths
  • Question 11 also refers to Buddhism, another common theme of Lost
  • Question 11 also refers to a prosthetic arm, which could be another reference to Pierre Chang
  • Question 11 also resembles one of the Voight-Kampff tests questions from the movie "There is a wasp crawling on your arm.." In the book "Do androids Dream of Electric Sheep" there is also a section dealing with spiders.
  • Question 12 refers to sick children, which could be reference to Aaron and the sickness
  • Question 13 refers to a tortoise, which could be a reference to the expression "Turtles all the way down", which has been referenced by producer Damon Lindelof during the Official Lost Podcast/November 06, 2006
  • Question 13 also refers to being locked in a cage, which could be a reference to the the Hydra's cages
  • Questions 13 could also be construed to be a reference to Blade Runner. The nature of the hypotheticals mirror that of the Voight-Kampff tests.
  • Question 14 refers to a beach invasion, which could be a reference to the Kahana's mercenary team or the Others failed beach raid ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")
  • Question 15 refers to being a fugitive, which could be a reference to Kate or any number of characters with criminal backgrounds
  • Question 15 could refer to a part of the Room 23 video where the point-of-view is of a person running down a darkened path
  • Question 16 could be a reference to either Locke's coffin or Christian's coffin
  • Question 17 refers to MacBeth, a classic Shakespeare tragedy that centers on lust for powers and betrayal, also common themes in Lost
  • Question 17 also refers to a sharp knife, which could be a reference to Locke and Richard's items