Enhanced version of the DHARMA cabling map

DharmaTel is a word that was visible on the blast door map inside the Swan. Its exact meaning is unknown, but it is believed to be an island-wide network connecting the DHARMA Initiative stations, the "?" (The Pearl) at the center of map, and the Barracks.

Clear references on the blast door map

  • "no safe location for DharmaTel servers/hub/cabling or infrastructure" – 7:00 position
  • “stationwide failure of dharmatel intranet 4.08.00 8.15.01 01.06.03” – 6:00 position
  • “sightings coincide with emergency shutdown of INTRANET SERVICES OF HEIGHTENED SECURITY” – 4:00 position

Possible references on blast door map

  • There are several distinct straight lines drawn to/from each of the stations. These lines could be indicating DharmaTel connections between locations.
    • If you look closely, you can see that the lines between the stations form an envelope.
  • "suspected shut down date: 10.28.84" – 2:00 position
  • “complete shutdown in effect” – 6:00 position

Likely functions

  • The instant messaging on the Swan computer, when Michael communicated with Walt.
  • The video feeds for the monitors in The Pearl.
  • Provides an early warning system to Ben's house when the sonar fence is turned off.
    • A phone system seen in the Barracks.

The DHARMA cabling map

Main article: DHARMA cabling map
  • The DHARMA cabling map was found by Sayid in a DHARMA Initiative manual set at the Flame. It shows that the DharmaTel infrastructure extends from the Flame station to the Barracks.
    • The Flame station seemed to be the communications hub for the entire island. It connected the Barracks with the other stations on the Island. It also contained a satellite uplink for communications with the outside world, and controlled the sonar beacon.
  • This is also what is probably used to connect and communicate between the hatches.
  • Characters are seen using telephones even though there are no visible over-head telelphone wires. DharmaTel was the telephone network on the island as well.

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