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  • There are several possibilities that events we have already seen were the results of Desmond's flashes.
    • For example, the reason that Desmond was so confident that Jack did fix Sarah (during their first meeting in the stadium) was because he recalled their on-island conversation where Jack told him that he did, in fact, fix her.
    • Another possibility is that Penny is still looking for Desmond because of something that happened when Desmond had the Deja-Vu experience.
  • Desmond's "visions" are not glimpses of the future, they are dim memories of his past. Desmond is stuck in some kind of time loop, but doesn't remember his "previous" experiences until he approaches the same crucial event again, and something he sees triggers the deja-vu moment. In Desmond's case "deja vu" doesn't mean a "feeling" that events are repeating themselves -- they actually are! As Ms. Hawking explained, events must repeat themselves, and its Desmond's job to make sure they do.
  • Desmond will keep seeing his flashes after Charlie's death.
  • All of Desmond's flashes are shown to him by his point of view. Maybe he's the reason those things happen, if he just stayed away Charlie might still be alive.
  • When Desmond turned the fail safe key and seemed to re-live a period from his past in London, he was actually traveling to the same sideways universe we see in Season 6. The clues for this are numerous:

1. Just as in the sideways universe, certain situations or concepts remind Desmond of the "real world," a.k.a. his life. When Penny says, "end of the world," when Desmond hears the microwave beeping like the computer in the Hatch, when he hears some of the numbers, and when he sees Charlie, he gets flashbacks of the island. This is just like the Season 6 "purgatory," where Desmond gets flashbacks when he sees Charlie holding his hand up to the window, etc.

2. Desmond probably got to this place by being exposed to a large amount of electromagnetic radiation after turning the key. This is the same way he was temporarily transported to the sideways universe in Season 6--by being exposed to a large amount of electromagnetism (in the Dharma Initiative chamber being operated by Charles Widmore, Zoe, et al.)

3. If this really were Desmond traveling back in time, then which set of events actually caused him to be where he was today? Does present Desmond remember it as it initially happened, or as it happened the second time?

These clues reveal the fact that this was not an instance of time travel, but an instance of Desmond traveling between realities just as he does in Season 6. --Sammerjammer 08:47, October 4, 2010 (UTC)Sammerjammer

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