"Departing Sun"
1x06 AtTheAirport
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©2006 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Departing Sun" is an orchestral piece on the Season One soundtrack. It serves as an early theme for Sun. The Asian-flavored theme plays extensively in "House of the Rising Sun", sometimes sounding beautiful but other times becoming dangerous as Sun is disturbed by Jin's violent behavior.

Scene description

Jack talks to an Oceanic clerk about getting his father's coffin aboard, and Jin stands right behind him, annoyed at the delay in the line. Sun, standing a distance away, checks the clock and sees that if she's going to abandon Jin, the time to leave has come.

Tears streaming down her face freely, she begins to walk away, fully aware that this decision will be permanent. She gives her husband a last look - he holds out a flower for her, as he did at a party at her father's house so long ago. Sun, moved, walks back to him, deciding not to leave. When he asks why she is crying, she responds that the flower is "too beautiful".

Full list of appearances

The theme from "Departing Sun" plays during the following scenes:


Besides its own theme, the piece incorporates the main theme and its counterpoint.

Title significance

The phrase "departing sun" is a metaphor for "sunset". In the context of this scenario, however, it takes a more literal connotation, with a woman, named "Sun", planning on leaving her husband, and departing her married lifestyle.

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