The decoy village is a primitive fishing village of yurts made from salvaged materials, fish-drying racks, and a guarded set of doors, similar in appearance to the DHARMA Initiative stations. The village appeared to be a ruse as the Others' true camp turned out to be the Barracks. It's located on the western coastline, north of the four-toed statue, and not far from Pala Ferry.


Michael was held captive by the Others at the village. Sayid later discovered that the village was actually a facade. The yurts were uninhabited, and the Door opened to a solid rock face ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1").

The purpose of the village as a decoy was confirmed by a conversation between Ben and Colleen of the Others. ("The Glass Ballerina")

The Door[]


Two unnamed Others guard The Door.

The decoy village contains a door built into a rock face. The Door bears a DHARMA Initiative logo in the same style as those found on DHARMA stations elsewhere on the Island. The door leads into an empty alcove.

The Door was guarded by two unnamed armed Others while Michael was in the decoy village.

Window Rock[]


The Window Rock.

The Window Rock was a landmark given to Michael (via the Swan computer) from Walt. ("Three Minutes") It is located just outside the decoy village atop a high cliff. The rock formation appears to be natural.


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One of the yurts.

The village is primarily comprised of rustic yurts, which seem to be scavenged from other structures. The insides of the yurts match their simple outward appearance. The appearance and design echo ancient Viking huts, or similar Mongolian yurts.

The Yurts appear to be the same ones used in the 1970s by the Others in the jungle, and later their beach camp in 2007. ("Dead Is Dead")  ("The Variable")  ("Follow the Leader")


Approximately twenty of the Others pretended to live and work at the site while Michael was held captive there. These Others included Tom, Danny Pickett, Matthew, Bea Klugh, Alex, Juliet, and a number of unidentified Others. They dressed in worn clothing and acted as if they were living by fishing. It was abandoned shortly before the Others captured Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley.

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