"Death Springs Eternal" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

In a flash sideways, Jin tries and fails to talk his way through customs. An agent takes him to a private room, and another questions Sun. But like Jin, Sun speaks no English.

On the island, Jin helps carry Sayid's coffin to the Temple, where a large spring bubbles in the center, Lennon comments that the spring is not running clearly. Dogen approaches the water, cuts his hand and then submerges it in the water, noting that the water did not heal it.

After informing Jack that there are risks, Dogen orders his followers to submerge Sayid in the water and turns over an hourglass. As Sayid appears to be revived, Dogen refuses to allow his followers to lift Sayid out of the water until the timer is finished. It soon appears that Sayid is drowning. Jack protests but when he tries to stop them he is prevented. After the last sand grains fall, Sayid is lifted lifeless from the water. Dogen announces to the shocked group that "your friend is dead." Jack tries vainly to perform CPR. Dogen leaves the survivors alone to mourn Sayid.


The piece begins on a variant on the Deja Vu Motif. The Temple motif plays soon after, and much of the remainder of the piece consists of variations on the Temple theme. It ends with Sayid's motif followed by the life and death theme.

Title significance

The title plays on the phrase "hope springs eternal". Sayid dies in the Temple spring.

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