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The ID badge that Rachel photographs on Darla Taft

Darla with Hugh McIntyre

Darla Taft worked as Corporate Liaison for the Global Welfare Consortium. She was the mistress of Hugh McIntyre and knew a lot about the misdeeds of the Hanso Foundation. Morally objecting to some of their plans, Darla helped Rachel Blake in her efforts to bring down the company, using the online username "GidgetGirl" instead of her real title.

Her first appearance came on the Hanso Phone Line where she left a message on Hugh's answering machine about her objection to what was happening in Sri Lanka.

Darla reappears weeks later using the alias GidgetGirl on Rachel Blake's blog. Her initial intention was to convince Blake to take down the pictures of Hugh McIntyre's extramarital affair, mentioning it would ruin his marriage. After supplying Rachel with valid information to use on her quest to bring down the Hanso Foundation, "GidgetGirl" is promoted to "Contributor" on Rachel's blog and Rachel removed the pictures. After that, GidgetGirl became a valuable ally, giving Rachel information about the Valenzetti equation, Mittelwerk's whereabouts, and his plans.

In Italy, Rachel received a call from Darla, telling her that she was in hiding. She requested Rachel head to Paris, so she can give her more delicate information. At their arranged meeting place, Darla never arrived, and Rachel later read online that Darla Taft had died in a car accident along with Hugh McIntyre. Rachel blamed herself for coaxing Darla out of hiding, and surmised that the Hanso Foundation must have been involved in her death. She vowed to avenge her murder.

Rachel later learned from Malick that Darla and Hugh had a secret flat, one which Mittelwerk didn't know about. There, Rachel found the package "GidgetGirl" had intended for her, along with a short video of Darla on camera.


Message 1

Darla can be heard initially on the Hanso Phone Line under the Hugh McIntyre answering machine section.

Hugh, it's Darla. I need to talk to you about Sri Lanka. It just isn't right.

Conversation 2

After posting some damaging images of Hugh McIntyre with his mistress, Rachel had the following conversation on her message board:

GidgetGirl: Rachel, I'm all for airing the truth, but you've crossed a line. What these guys do in private is their business. You could destroy a family, here.

Rachel Blake: Like I said, what Hugh does personally, I don't really care... I'm just asking what kind of power is he wielding by sleeping with this woman from the GWC?

GidgetGirl: So you don't care if you wreck his marriage?

Rachel Blake: Frankly, if you want to go there, he said good-bye to his marriage the second he decided to have that affair.

GidgetGirl: For someone claiming not to take the moral high ground, you're certainly carrying around an awful lot of venom for this guy. You got something against men, Rachel?

Rachel Blake: Only his type.

GidgetGirl: If you had any decency, you'd take those photos down.

Rachel Blake: The way I see it... he's the head of publicity? Well, then let's make it public. The pictures stay.

GidgetGirl: Who are you? What do you have against these people?

Rachel Blake: Who are you?

Conversation 3

After bumping into Mittelwerk to take pictures of the maps he carried, Rachel's board was posted on again by GidgetGirl.

GidgetGirl: Rachel, I hate to be the crack of doom, but do you really think you're going to get any further by literally bumping into these guys?

Rachel Blake: Got any better suggestions? Cause all I'm hearing is another Monday morning quarterback.

GidgetGirl: Look, all I'm saying is that if they didn't know who you were before, you're giving them an awfully good reason to figure you out. And, I don't get it. Why are you putting yourself at risk like this? Why are you doing this, Rachel? Who are you?

Rachel Blake: I have my reasons. Most of them, I think I've made pretty clear.

GidgetGirl: No, this is personal for you. If you want us to help, why don't you tell us what's really going on?

Rachel Blake: Because my reasons are MY reasons. I've given you more than enough to stand up with me on this. But, if you want to play that little game of the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't mind pointing out -- you're not exactly being forthcoming either, GidgetGirl.

GidgetGirl: Fine. You got me. We each have things we don't want to talk about. Let's move on.

Rachel Blake: Great. Then, the question I have... the question that's keeping me up at night, is why am I the only one willing to put myself in the line of fire to stop these guys?

GidgetGirl: You're not. Not if you let me help. Now, you've said it yourself. You want ANSWERS instead of more QUESTIONS. If that's true, then all you have to do is agree to my terms.

Rachel Blake: And what would those be?

GidgetGirl: Take down the photos of Hugh McIntyre.

Rachel Blake: So, we're right back where we started?

No sale. I'll tell you the same thing I told Mel0Drama... This is how I work: if you give me a good tip up front... solid info that pans out? Then I'll be more than happy to take those pictures down. But for all I know, you ARE Hugh McIntyre.

Rachel Blake: GidgetGirl?

Message 4

After hearing about a fire at an "Institute", GidgetGirl confirmed Rachel's suspicions that it was the Vik Institute. Along with her post, she linked to a newspaper article which covered the story of the blaze.

Rachel, I have two pieces of information to share. I realize now, having watched yesterday's video, that you're literally putting your life on the line for this. And though you know I'm not a huge fan of your methods, I respect what you're trying to do. (Though, I still wish I knew why.)

I know you're a skeptic, but I assure you, I'm in a position to share things that nobody else knows about The Hanso Foundation.

Your "friend," Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, has flown to Iceland. He's cleaning up a mess involving one of the mental health institutes sponsored by the Hanso Mental Health Appeal.

I intercepted this article - http://vikarticle.blogspot.com/ - as it came over the AP Wire the day of your last post. Read it, and I'm certain you'll be convinced.

Conversation 5

After learning more about the Vik Institute in Iceland, and its connection to the mysterious Valenzetti equation, GidgetGirl informed Rachel about Mittelwerk's movements, and some history to the man behind the equation.

GidgetGirl: Rachel. I hate to say it, but I have heard the name Enzo Valenzetti. More than once, actually. I have it on authority (don't ask how) that the Valenzetti Equation is among the highest priority items on Mittelwerk's agenda.

Rachel Blake: So, the mathematicians at the Vik Institute... were they really working with the Valenzetti Equation?

GidgetGirl: All I know is that from the minute the Institute opened, Mittelwerk's had those autistic savants running calculations in an unbroken loop, twenty four hours a day, not a single day missed. It was imperative that they never stopped. And, then, of course, the fire struck.

Rachel Blake: That's why he went there personally, isn't it? He wouldn't care about a few mathematicians killed. But, with that equation stopped...

GidgetGirl: I won't speculate.

GidgetGirl: All I know is that Mittelwerk is, right now, in the Italian Riviera. Sanremo. Where Valenzetti was born... and, where he resided before he got on that plane.

Rachel Blake: You know he's alive, don't you? Tell me.

GidgetGirl: I know no such thing. Please, believe me, Rachel.

Conversation 6

Rachel arrived in Italy and was contacted again by GidgetGirl.

GidgetGirl: Rachel, I know it's confusing. And I've read what everyone else has been saying, as well. But... if there was a gag order on Valenzetti's personal information, if he himself didn't want the details released, can we really believe anything this author may have seemingly uncovered? Should we not approach this information with a leery eye?

Rachel Blake: Of course we should. But, what about YOUR information?

GidgetGirl: Why would I steer you wrong? Does that make any sense, that I would lead you part way toward the truth only to spin you around a few days later?

Rachel Blake: You didn't answer my question.

GidgetGirl: And you didn't answer mine. Is Mittelwerk not here? If you're not going to trust me, Rachel, you'd better at least trust yourself. Your own words: "whatever is about to happen is ABOUT TO HAPPEN."

Rachel Blake: Please. Why did you tell me Sanremo?

GidgetGirl: I hope you realize what you're asking of me.

Rachel Blake: I NEED to know.

GidgetGirl: Fine. I've seen The Hanso Foundation's dossier on Enzo Valenzetti. The details of his life were all there in black and white. The documents say he was born here and returned here. That's all I know. Now, if you still feel yourself needing to believe you'll find the truth in the pages of some out of print book by a dead pop-novelist, be my guest, Rachel. This is your crusade, not mine.

Conversation 7

Rachel was later phoned in her hotel room by GidgetGirl

Rachel Blake: Hello? Hello?

GidgetGirl: Yeah.

Rachel Blake: Who is this? Hello?

GidgetGirl: Just another Monday morning quarterback.

Rachel Blake: GidgetGirl? How did you find me?

GidgetGirl: Is that really important?

Rachel Blake: Where have you been?

GidgetGirl: Hiding, which is what you should be doing.

Rachel Blake: I am hiding.

GidgetGirl: If I can find you so can they. But they’re leaving you alone for some reason, why Rachel?

Rachel Blake: I can’t…why are you calling now?

GidgetGirl: No don’t do that, don’t avoid the question.

Rachel Blake: I’m not.

GidgetGirl: (sighs) It doesn’t make sense, for me I’m involved, the man I love - say what you will about him, about us – he’s involved. I can’t get away, but you, Rachel, you have a choice.

Rachel Blake: Like you had a choice to fall in love with a married man. I don’t have a choice and I’m sorry but I can’t tell you any more.

GidgetGirl: I have something for you, a package. I think its time we met

Rachel Blake: Where?

GidgetGirl: Here, in Paris.

Rachel Blake: But, but I’m in Italy, I can’t…

GidgetGirl: Tomorrow, check your email. I’ll send you the meet location. It’ll be encoded but, you’re smart, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Rachel Blake: And how will I know you? What’s your name? Please, you know my name.

GidgetGirl: And you’ve made it clear, that’s all I know! You’ll know me.

Rachel Blake: OK.

GidgetGirl: One more thing, no cameras. You’re reckless Rachel, and reckless will get me killed.

Message 8

After learning that Darla Taft and Hugh McIntyre had been killed, Rachel pieced it together that no sign from GidgetGirl meant her suspicions that she was Darla were true. Rachel was attacked in her hotel room, but was rescued by Malick. He informed her about a secret flat Darla and Hugh had, one which Mittelwerk didn't even know about. There, Rachel found the final words of Darla Taft on a videotape. Rachel_Blake_-_Video_10_(Lost_Experience)

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