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(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)

DarkUFO is a blog-style fan website devoted to news and other aspects of analysis for the show. It is well known for its spoiler, rumor, and easter egg sections. However, many other sections exist. It is one of the top-visited Lost fansites on the internet.


DarkUFO aka Andy

DarkUFO is the creator and runner of the blog (though others post on it as well). His real name is Andy Page, and he is a 38-year-old professional poker player from Bedfordshire, England [1].


Lostfan108 is an anonymous spoiler tipster, who single handedly spoiled the last two episodes of Season 3 of Lost by leaking information to Dark UFO's spoiler website. In a poll that DarkUFO ran, the results to withhold lostfan108's spoilers or to show all of them were almost dead even, 51-49 in favor of the spoilers revealed. The site released them in bits and pieces, spanning the week before the finale.

This leak had a major impact on the Lost writing team, causing them to clamp down and enter a period of "radio silence" with regards to how much they would give away to fans in future. In an interview with E! Online's "Watch with Kristin" column[2], Damon Lindelof stated:

"It was unfortunate. I think there will always be people who want to turn to the last page of the book, but I feel that those people are almost universally disappointed with what they read there, because if it's cool, they don't understand the context, and if it sucks, they feel like they've saved themselves time. But no one skips to the end of life. You have to live it, and it's just disappointing to me that people don't respect the integrity of the show enough to let it unfold naturally. There is a fine line between intriguing the audience with what's to come and giving them the whole shebang. And I feel the line was crossed with the finale this year, and it's really disappointing. Which is why, if we're going to talk about these things, I would at least like to come to you, because I know you'll handle it responsibly and not cross that line," and added:

"...with regard to season four, Carlton and I are going into complete and utter radio silence. I know a lot of people are going to be frustrated, but I think if things had gone a little differently in terms of the finale getting spoiled, we might have been a little more open to talking about it. But now we're all bitter. No, honestly, the reason for the silence is we don’t want to tell the audience what to think about where the show is going to be next year. The way the finale concluded and what happens next is open to interpretation. I think it had a real imaginative quality to it that hopefully engaged the audience's imagination the way the show did when they first saw the pilot.

On May 14, 2008, DarkUFO announced that Lostfan108 had contacted him with details and a synopsis of the season 4 finale, sparking another controversy. Once again the entire finale for Season 4 was retold before its airing and the information quickly spread across the internet, including the description of the Frozen Donkey Wheel and the identity of man in the coffin. Several vandals posted those spoilers on Lostpedia, forcing its staff to temporary disable new account creation function and permanently change the spoiler policy, forbidding every future spoilers on Lostpedia.

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