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Daniel Faraday is a physicist and professor who parachuted onto the Island from a helicopter sent by the freighter Kahana. He is distinguished by his polite demeanor and his scientific insight into the Island's mysterious properties. Daniel spent his entire adult life studying space-time. He is the son of Eloise Hawking and was very tender towards Charlotte and harbored romantic feelings toward her until her death. He joined the other survivors in becoming part of the DHARMA Initiative when the flashes through time stopped, but has since left. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Before the Kahana

At Oxford

4x05 DanIn96

Daniel is shocked to hear his future-self sent Desmond. ("The Constant")

In 1996, Daniel Faraday was a professor at Queen's College, Oxford University. He was conducting unauthorized experiments involving time travel, and had created a machine that allowed a living creature's consciousness to travel through time. The benefactor who funded this research was Charles Widmore. ("Jughead")

When visited by Desmond Hume, who claimed to know about the machine, Daniel initially believed that a colleague was playing a practical joke on him, but when Desmond mentioned Eloise, Daniel's lab rat, he believed Desmond. In his lab, Daniel tested the numbers Desmond supplied to him. He used the machine on Eloise, enabling her to unerringly complete a maze that she would not be taught how to run for another hour. Daniel's blackboard revealed his interest in the Kerr metric as part of his theory of time-transported consciousness.

A being that undergoes time-transported consciousness, according to Daniel's explanation to Desmond, must identify a constant, something existing in both periods of time travel that can serve as an anchor for the being's consciousness; failure to find a constant results in instability of consciousness, and the resulting stress can lead to brain aneurysm and eventual death. At some point, Daniel identifies Desmond as his constant, noting so in his journal. ("The Constant")

4x02 Poor Dany

Daniel cries for reasons he can't say. ("Confirmed Dead")

Eventually, Daniel tested his theories on a young woman named Theresa Spencer. The experiment apparently resulted in Theresa permanently coming mentally 'unstuck' in time, with her condition deteriorating to the point that she became permanently bedridden. Soon after this accident, Daniel left Oxford for America, and all records of his stay at Oxford were deleted. Charles Widmore agreed to pay for Theresa's care, but Daniel never saw her again. ("Jughead")

Daniel also studied the DHARMA Initiative and wrote all he knew about it in his journal. ("Because You Left")

In America

Eight years later, Daniel lived in Essex, Massachusetts under the watch of a caretaker. When he saw a news report covering the discovery of the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage, he became visibly upset, but he himself was unaware of the reason.

Shortly thereafter, he was recruited to a team, organized by Matthew Abaddon and led by Naomi Dorrit, that was sent to the Island aboard the freighter Kahana. ("Confirmed Dead")

On the Island

Season 4 (Days 91-100)

4x01 DanielFaraday

Faraday asks for Jack's name, moments after landing on the island. ("The Beginning of the End")

While flying to the Island, the helicopter Daniel was travelling in encountered electrical problems and the passengers were forced to bail out. Miles pushed Daniel out first, who encountered Jack and Kate in the jungle upon landing. He introduced himself and claimed to be there to rescue them. He explained that he had lost his pack which contained his phone when he bailed out, so Kate gave him the phone she had taken from Naomi. He called Minkowski to report contacting the survivors. Minkowski asked Daniel if he was on speaker, causing Daniel to then excuse himself to talk privately. While he was talking to Minkowski, Jack and Kate saw the gun he was concealing. Daniel explained that the rest of his team all had GPS units which were tracked by the phones, and enlisted Jack and Kate's help in finding the rest of the team. ("The Beginning of the End") ("Confirmed Dead")

4x02 Quadrangle fight

Faraday tries to calm a hostile Miles with the help of Jack and Kate. ("Confirmed Dead")

While walking through the jungle they found a metal box from the chopper. Jack opened it up, revealing a gas mask and other quarantine equipment. Daniel said that he could not explain what it was there for since he was not in charge of packing. Jack remained doubtful and suddenly asked him why he brought the gun, prompting Daniel to reveal that rescuing the survivors was not their primary objective. As Daniel was about to explain what they were doing on the island, Miles' signal appeared on the satellite phone. They reached the cove where Miles appeared to be dead. Miles surprised Jack and held him at gunpoint, convinced Kate had killed Naomi. Daniel told him to stop, that they were good people who were trying to help, only to have Kate try to steal his gun. They travel to Naomi's body where Miles "talked" to her to confirm that Jack and Kate were not the ones who killed her.

S4x03 DanTripod

Daniel sets up the tripod for his payload experiment. ("The Economist")  (promotional still)

Daniel paid attention to the Island's unique physical properties, observing that the scattering of light on the Island seemed unusual. Kate noticed Daniel's harmless nature and asked him to put away his gun, though Daniel claimed that Miles would kill him if he did. As Charlotte's signal appeared on the phone, Jack ordered them to put their guns down as Juliet and Sayid had taken up shooting position on Daniel and Miles. They complied and began to follow Charlotte's signal into the jungle. Sayid questioned them, allowing Daniel to reveal his name and his profession as a physicist, though he "doesn't like being pigeonholed." Sayid took Miles' phone to see that Charlotte's signal was moving quickly toward them, only to find Vincent with the GPS tracker, revealing that Locke had captured her.

The group then saw Frank's flare. When they reached him they found him unconscious, though he woke up and said that he managed to land the chopper just over the hill. Daniel and Kate retrieved Naomi's body and brought it back to the chopper, which had landed safe and sound. ("Confirmed Dead")

Daniel, tired of sitting around the helicopter, began unloading pieces of equipment. He set up a tripod with a guidance apparatus on top, and phoned the freighter to ask Regina for a 'payload'. He was visibly upset when it didn't arrive at the expected time. When the payload (a rocket) arrived later, the clock inside it reported a different time than its synchronized partner held by Daniel, a difference of 31 minutes. Daniel was somewhat shaken by his discovery of the time differential between the Island and the rest of the world, murmuring "This is not good." He was later happy to see the rescued Charlotte and declined a seat on the helicopter soon leaving the Island. Daniel told Frank that on his flight back to the freighter he should be sure to follow the exact bearing he had flown on their way to the Island, no matter what. ("The Economist")

4x04 CradsTime

Faraday fails to remember the three playing cards. ("Eggtown")

After returning to the beach with Jack, and Juliet, Daniel and Charlotte played a memory game involving cards. After guessing only two out of three correctly, he felt he was making no progress. He and Charlotte were then questioned by Jack and Juliet about their inability to reach the freighter on the satellite phone, which they used to contact Regina on an "emergency line". She told them that, even though the helicopter took off a day previous, Frank, Sayid, and Desmond had not yet made it to the freighter. ("Eggtown")

After being interrogated by Jack and Juliet all night, Daniel revealed that the survivors perception of the passage of time differed from its actual passing, though Charlotte prevented him from saying any more. Daniel reassured Jack that everything would be fine as long as Frank had stayed on the correct bearing, otherwise there would be "side effects."
4x05 Journal end

Daniel's journal naming Desmond as his constant. ("The Constant")

After the beach was finally contacted by Sayid, Daniel learned of Desmond's becoming unstuck in time. Daniel told Jack and Juliet that people having recently been exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism could become "confused" when travelling to and from the Island. He only clarified by saying the condition was "not amnesia." He asked to speak to Desmond and asked him what year he thought it was, learning that Desmond's consciousness from 1996 had jumped forward in time. Daniel tells Desmond to travel to Oxford when he returns to 1996 in order to find Daniel. In order for Daniel's past self to believe Desmond, Daniel gives him information from his journal that only he would know: a setting of 2.342, an oscillation of 11 Hertz, and the name of Eloise. This information was used by Desmond in the past to establish his constant. Daniel told Jack that the displacement was unpredictable, ranging between minutes and years for different people. That evening, he was seen on the beach, leafing through his diary. He found a note he had written for himself back in 1996: "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant." ("The Constant")
4x06 JulietFaraday

Juliet holds Faraday at a gun point at the Tempest station. ("The Other Woman")  (promotional still)

That night, he and Charlotte slipped out of the beach camp in order to venture to the Tempest in order to shut it down and prevent the possible threat of toxic gas being spread by Ben. At a stream, Daniel expressed doubt in his ability to perform his task, but was reassured by Charlotte. They were confronted by Kate en route to the beach from the Barracks, who became suspicious at their obvious lies. She searched through their pack and found a gas mask, only to be knocked out by Charlotte. Daniel and Charlotte continued on to the Tempest and broke in by sparking the wires outside the door. While Daniel struggled to neutralize the gas, he was confronted by Juliet, who was subsequently knocked into a brawl with Charlotte. With minutes to go and his gas mask ripped off, Daniel frantically typed the keyboard, and stopped the disaster with seconds to spare. He remarked that it was "a close one" and stayed behind to shut down the station while Juliet and Charlotte left. ("The Other Woman")

4x09 Jack'sAngryAtFaraday

Jack demands from Faraday to tell him the truth about his mission.("The Shape of Things to Come")

After returning to the beach, Daniel attempted to fix the satellite phone (which was broken during Charlotte and Juliet's confrontation the previous day), and was approached by Sun. She told him of her pregnancy and asked him if they were actually going to rescue the survivors, to which he answered that it was not his decision and would not reveal whose decision it was. ("Ji Yeon")

Daniel was among the people on the beach who ran to the edge of the water in response to Bernard's cries for help and Vincent's barking. After the body had been pulled onto the sand, Daniel shared Ray's identity as the freighter's doctor.

Daniel was provided with the materials to fix the satellite phone enough to communicate in Morse code, and they attempted communication that night. Daniel transmitted "What happened to doctor?" and when the freighter replied, he told Jack the response was "Friends are fine. Helicopters coming in the morning." Bernard, however, knew Morse code and said Daniel lied because the real reply stated, "What are you talking about? Doctor is fine." Under pressure from an angry Jack, Daniel revealed the freighter never planned to rescue any of the survivors, which left Jack stumbling away, upset and in apparent pain. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Daniel and Charlotte were still being interrogated by Rose and Bernard the next morning over the rescue situation when Jack stepped in to calm the crowd, only to collapse with pain. Juliet gave Sun a list of medical instruments to get from the Staff in order to perform an appendectomy on Jack. Daniel stepped in and offered to help, explaining that he had performed some animal dissections and knew what the supplies looked like. Though aware of the survivors' distrust of them, Juliet agreed for Daniel and Charlotte to travel with Jin and Sun. Upon reaching The Staff, he volunteered to go inside the station first in a gesture of chivalry toward Charlotte. Jin noted that Daniel seemed to have a crush on her. Daniel collected the supplies and brought them back for Jack's surgery. ("Something Nice Back Home")

When Jin discovered that Charlotte spoke Korean, he threatened to break Daniel's fingers one at a time if they didn't take Sun off the Island when the helicopter arrived. ("Something Nice Back Home")

4x13 Promotional-Charlady

Daniel tries to convince Charlotte to leave the Island. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")  (promotional still)

He was then asked by Jack to call Frank's satellite phone, where they heard Keamy ordering Frank to land the copter. Daniel, hearing The Orchid mentioned, realizes that they need to get off the island immediately, because Keamy is following the secondary protocol. After Jack and Kate set off to follow the signal, Daniel witnesses Sayid returning on the Zodiac raft. While Sayid attempts to follow Jack and Sawyer, Daniel volunteers to begin ferrying the survivors back to the boat. Sayid reluctantly agrees. After Kate returns and gives Aaron to Sun, Daniel takes off on the Zodiac raft with Jin, Sun, and three other redshirts. They reach the boat, and as soon as everyone is on the Kahana safely, Daniel turns the raft around and returns to get more people. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

After making it back to The Island for more people, Daniel tells Miles and Charlotte that they have to be on the raft with next group if they want to leave the island. Miles says he wants to stay; Charlotte, on the other hand, isn't sure. When Daniel returns, Charlotte tells him that she's staying for now. Daniel replies that there might not be a next time and that she may never get off the island. After Charlotte kisses him goodbye, he gets the raft and begins ferrying more people to the Kahana. When the Kahana explodes and the second purple sky event happens, Daniel and the people on the Zodiac raft are seen out in the ocean just before the island moves. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Season 5 (Post-Island move)


Daniel encounters a hostile Desmond. ("Because You Left")

Daniel and the rest of the passengers on the raft were shocked when the sky becomes engulfed in bright white light. Neil became panicky but Daniel assured him that they must have been "inside the radius." He rushed back to the camp on the Zodiac and reunited with Charlotte and the others. He explained to them that the camp structures haven't gone, they just "haven't been built yet". He and a group headed towards the Swan to try and analyze where in time they are. While on the way Sawyer assaulted him and demanded an explanation as to what was happening. Daniel found it difficult to explain, and used an analogy that the island was like a skipping record, effectively dislodged from time due to what happened at the Orchid station. He theorized that they were all moving through time.

Arriving at the hatch, Daniel deduced they were at some point after Flight 815 crashed onto the Island. He explained to the others the rules of time travel, that you cannot make any alterations to the past even if you tried. He admitted to spending his "entire adult life studying space time" and the DHARMA Initiative. He believed there was no way they could stop the time shifts occurring. After another 'time shift' sent them back to between 2001 and 2004, Faraday separated himself from the group and frantically flicked through his journal. Finding what he was looking for, he slammed on the Swan's door for twenty minutes before Desmond emerged. As time started shifting again Daniel quickly told Desmond that when he leaves the island he must go to Oxford and find Daniel's mother in order to save them. Before he could say her name he was transported through time once more. ("Because You Left")

Two hours later, Daniel returned to the beach. Sawyer asked him why he took so long, and Daniel told him he simply got lost. Daniel began calculating the position of the Island in time in order that they might find a new bearing in order to safely leave the island on the Zodiac. Later that night, while Daniel was performing calculations and going through his journal at the edge of the beach, Charlotte came and gave him a mango she found in the jungle.

Daniel explores the Jughead. ("Jughead")

He thanked her, but when she started complaining about her headache and memory loss he becomes concerned and quiet. He at first reassured her that she is just stressed, but after she directly asked him if he knew what was happening to her, he was momentarily silent before Miles interrupted them. Shortly after, unknown foes attacked the people on the beach, who fled to the jungle. Daniel helped Charlotte when she fell over. Those that survived scattered and went to regroup at a nearby creek. ("The Lie")

Charlotte felt dizzy and had double vision and Daniel said he knows what was happening and that he wouldn't let it happen. At the creek, a few of the other survivors tripped a wire that set off bombs and the group was ambushed by The Others. A girl, apparently the leader, asked who the leader of the remaining three people (Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles) is. Miles pointed to Daniel, and when the girl turns to him says, "You just couldn't stay away could you?" They were brought to the camp where they were thought to be part of a U.S. military expedition. They went along with it saying they were scientists there to inactivate the Hydrogen bomb that Daniel presumed was there due to radiation burns on one of the Other's hands. Daniel won the trust of the Others to inactivate the bomb by telling them that he loved Charlotte. When they leave, he confessed that it was true. Daniel was led to the bomb by the girl that captured them. He remarked that she looked a lot like someone he used to know. At the bomb he found a leak and tells the woman to put lead over it and bury it, revealing to her that he was from the future and it will not explode if she does this. Sawyer and Juliet came to Daniel's aid when the girl was pointing her gun at Daniel. Juliet got everyone to drop their guns. After a flash the group was reunited at the site of the camp, but no tents were there. Charlotte then suffered a brain aneurysm and collapsed with Daniel running to her aid.("Jughead")


Daniel holds Charlotte moments after she collapses. ("Jughead")

Daniel managed to revive Charlotte, and Locke suggested that they travel to the Orchid in order to try and stop the time flashes. Daniel travels with the group which is heading to the beach camp to use the zodiac in order to get to the Orchid faster. After dark, while traveling through the jungle, the group sees a beam of light emanating from the ground some distance ahead. Recognizing it as the light which emanated from the Hatch the night Boone died, Locke lead the group through a different route in order to avoid the light. A short while later, they heard a woman crying. Daniel stayed with everyone else as Sawyer went to investigate. The group then shifts through time once more and they make their way back to the beach. Miles suffered a nosebleed and he asked Daniel about it. Daniel responded that it is related to how much time you spend on the Island. Miles then pointed out that the survivors from Oceanic Flight 815 had been on the Island for a few months before the freighter arrived. Daniel asks Miles if he is sure that he has never been to the Island before. Upon returning to the beach camp, they find that the camp exists at that moment, but seems disheveled.

With no one nor the Zodiac in sight, the group wondered where everyone has gone. Noticing a pair of wooden outrigger canoes, they think that the other survivors may have fled from attackers. The group gets into one of the outriggers. After a short while, they noticed that unknown people are pursuing them in the other outrigger. As the other canoe gained on them, the people in it begin to shoot. After trying to escape for a while, Juliet returned fire with a rifle. Before the pursuers can get any closer, there is another time flash. In this time period, it is raining very hard. The survivors successfully come to shore at nightfall. Daniel listened as Charlotte alerted the group to debris from a ship on the beach, noting that it appears to have wrecked recently. ("The Little Prince")


Daniel mourns Charlotte's death. ("This Place Is Death")

Daniel traveled with the group into the jungle and they experienced another time flash just before discovering Jin. After everyone greeted Jin, they resumed traveling toward the Orchid Station. After walking for a while, the group experienced a few flashes in rapid succession. After the fourth flash, Charlotte collapsed and began to speak incoherently, partly in Korean. Daniel asked for help carrying Charlotte to the Orchid, but Locke refused and said that she would only slow them down. Daniel decided to stay with Charlotte while the rest of the group moved on to the Orchid. Still unable to move, Charlotte told Daniel that she grew up on the Island but left at a young age with her mother. Though her mother tried to convince her she had imagined the Island, Charlotte has been searching for it. Charlotte told Daniel that she remembered a scary man who, when she was young, told her that she must leave the Island and if she ever came back, she would die. That person, she believed, was Dan. After mumbling about not being allowed to have chocolate before dinner, Charlotte died. Daniel could do nothing but watch helplessly with tears in his eyes. ("This Place Is Death")

With the DHARMA Initiative

5x01 Construction Faraday

Faraday in a DHARMA mining outfit ("Because You Left")

Daniel, along with Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles, timetraveled to 1974 when Locke moved the frozen wheel. When the rest of the group found Daniel, he was still crying over Charlotte's death, also telling them her body had not travelled with them during the flash. The group were captured by the DHARMA Initiative. While being held, Daniel saw a young girl who he believed was Charlotte. Pretending to be victims of a shipwreck, they all integrated themselves into the DHARMA Initiative, remaining with them over three years. ("LaFleur")

Daniel became a construction worker for the Initiative. He witnessed the early construction of the Orchid station, and passed Pierre Chang in an underground shaft there. ("Because You Left")

Charlotte also suggested that, when she was on the Island as a child, Daniel told her to leave the Island and never return, or else she would die: a prophecy which came true. ("This Place Is Death")

When Jack, Kate, and Hurley returned to the island in 1977, Sawyer mentioned Faraday. Jack asked, "He's here?" Sawyer responded, "Not anymore." ("Namaste")


  • "The Constant" references Slaughterhouse-Five through Desmond's experience. Daniel's inexplicable crying at the news is reminiscent of the book's protagonist Billy (who is defined specifically as "unstuck in time") crying on hearing the barbershop quartet. Billy's reason is revealed to be because the quartet reminded him of the guards who told the PoWs of the bombing in the past; Daniel's could be because he'll meet the survivors in the future. This and the "Desmond" page of his diary suggest that he may fall victim to similar effects.
  • In the Bible, Daniel is known as an interpreter of dreams, able to find the truth and meaning behind cryptic visions.
  • Daniel was the twenty-fifth character to ever have a flashback.
  • Daniel has never met Ana Lucia, Ben, Boone, Charlie, Claire, Eko, Hurley, Libby, Nikki, Paulo, Shannon or Walt.
    • It is presumed that he has met Michael as they were crew members on the freighter together.
  • Daniel's episode count is 18 (as of "LaFleur").
  • Daniel appears to suffer from memory loss:
  • He paused a long time before recalling his name when he first landed on the Island.
  • He displayed "word searching" when referring to his pack.
  • He was chastised by Miles for not remembering that Naomi gave the distress code---"tell my sister I love her".
  • He was unsure why he was crying when Oceanic 815 was found. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • He was playing what appeared to be a memory game with Charlotte, in which she would hide three cards, and he would try to remember them. He only got two out of three correct, which she referred to as "progress". ("Eggtown")
  • He doesn't remember his 1996 meeting with Desmond and seems surprised upon reading in his own journal that he intended to use Desmond as his "constant" if anything should go wrong.
  • The fact he keeps a journal may be because of his memory problems.
  • He has never been seen with his tie off while on the Island, except when dressed as a DHARMA worker. ("Because You Left")
  • A deliberately misleading casting call described him as "Russell, Late 30s, a brilliant mathematician and deep thinker who is capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields. He sometimes struggles socially by being too direct and disconnected in his interpersonal relationships. While an empiricist by trade he is humbled and fascinated by the magic and mystery of all in this world that cannot be explained by science."
  • In the 5th Season Promo Picture, He hasn´t the left foot.


  • David Arthur Faraday was the first victim of the Zodiac Killer in the 1960's. The Zodiac raft in which Daniel Faraday rides on the show is possibly a reference to this. [2]
  • Daniel Faraday was a time traveller in the episode FINAL APPEAL (THE OUTER LIMITS). [3]
  • His name first appeared as the season 4 clue word for chapter 2 of the Find 815 alternate reality game.
  • Michael Faraday (September 22, 1791 – August 25, 1867) was an English physicist who researched electromagnetism.
    • Faraday invented the Faraday cage, a cage that prevents electro-magnetic radiation from permeating it.
    • He is accredited for introducing the idea of electromagnetic induction. Although Joseph Henry discovered it at about the same time, Faraday published first.
    • The Faraday Constant, a constant in electrochemistry, is named after Faraday. The episode "The Constant" is an obvious reference to this and contains many more references in it.
    • The Faraday constant is 23kcal/mol.
    • The SI unit of electrical capacitance, the farad, is named for Faraday.
    • The face of Michael Faraday is visible on the Bank of England Series E £20 note that can be seen in the secret room at Ben's home in the Barracks. ("The Economist")
    • Faraday worked on a theory that combined the interchangeability of electricity and magnetism, with the interchangeability of gravity. He was not successful.
    • Michael Faraday (Daniel's namesake) gave popular lectures on The Chemical History of a Candle.
    • In June of 1832, the University of Oxford granted Faraday a Doctor of Civil Law degree (honorary).
    • Flight 815 crashed on what would be his 213th birthday.
  • The Faraday Institute is a research institute at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge. The institute studies the correlations between science and religion. The belief in and value of science (logic) vs. religion (faith) is a theme often explored in Lost, particularly in arguments between Jack (who usually supports logic and devalues faith) and Locke (who usually supports faith and disregards science). ("Orientation")
  • During casting this character was named Russell. [source needed] "Russell Faraday" is the alias given to the villain at the end of Stephen King's The Stand.
  • In the novel "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski, on page 90 there is discussion of how the house, an anomaly of space-time, defies the use of a compass much like the island. The fictitious Footnote 101 on this page regarding this phenomenon states "Devon Lettau wrote an amusing if ultimately pointless essay on the compass' behavior. He asserted that the minute fluctuations of the needle proved the house was nothing less than a vestibule for pure energy which if harnessed correctly could supply the world with unlimited power. See 'The Faraday Conclusion'(Boston: Maxwell Press 1996)."

Equations and notes


("The Constant-Enhanced")


The error in the equation (with alpha, h-bar and e) Faraday's chalkboard is a reference to this error visible in a well-known photo of Enrico Fermi [1]

  • Equations: Several Physics equations are visible as props with Faraday.
    • According to the enhanced episode captions for "The Constant-Enhanced", "One of the equations on the chalkboard is the Kerr metric equation which some scientists believe implies the existence of time travel. Faraday's chalkboard includes physicist Enrico Fermi's error in the fine structure constant as depicted in a famous photo [4]." Specifically, the elementary charge, $ e $, and the reduced Planck's constant, $ \hbar $, are transposed in the expression for the fine-structure constant, $ \alpha $. The equation should read: $ \alpha = \frac{e^2}{\hbar c} $, instead of $ \alpha = \frac{\hbar^2}{e c} $.
    • Some equations appear to relate to black hole theory including gravitational potential energy ($ M^2 / R $), the distance at which light can remain in a circular orbit around a black hole, and the event horizon. Other equations are illustrations of general relativity (point source light emissions in one frame, being observed in a moving frame), and a Minkowski diagram.[5]
    • Diagrams of a "Mexican hat" potential also appear on Faraday's chalkboard. These "W" shaped curves are often used to represent spontaneous symmetry breaking, such as occurs when using the Higgs mechanism to generate particle masses in the standard model of particle physics.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Daniel Faraday/Theories
  • Why was he selected for the freighter team by Abaddon? ("Confirmed Dead")
  • Does he know Widmore funded his research?
  • Does he know Widmore employed Abaddon and sent him to the Island?
  • Why was he crying about the "discovery" of Flight 815?
  • Why does he have a caretaker?
  • What was the purpose of his experiment(s) on the Island?
  • Why does he seem to have memory problems?
  • Why does he need a constant?
    • What could "go wrong" that would require him to find a constant?
  • What was his true purpose during the construction of the Orchid station?
  • What did he do to Theresa?
  • Why is he no longer with the rest of the characters living with the DHARMA Initiative?
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