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Daniel's map to the Tempest

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Daniel's map was a hand-drawn diagram used by Daniel Faraday and Charlotte Lewis to find the Tempest on the Island. ("The Other Woman") Caesar later found it in a folder of assorted maps and notes at the Hydra facility. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") The map had hieroglyphs added to it. It is unknown who created the map or how they got it.

Daniel's modified map, as found in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".

The map had the following:

  • Logo of the Tempest station
  • A letter "C" in a circle, presumably representing the camp
  • Three "Unknown" areas
  • A letter "H" in a circle, possibly marking the location of the helicopter's landing site (Helipad as indicated by the accompanying text).
  • Lower right text read "8° N, 33° E Follow the river to the east end of the grotto + head due east towards the smaller mountain range. Helipad found just north of mountains."
  • Text near the top read "Possible pass through northern mountains"
  • Text on the left was not entirely legible, however appeared to read: "0° N, 21° E Half a kilometer North up the coast, a couple hundred meters east up the hillside, follow the trail left of the main peak."
  • Daniel's map looked very similar to Ben's map to The Temple, which was given to Rousseau, Alex, and Karl in Meet Kevin Johnson.
  • Hieroglyphs that read "Northward Travel" and "Time of kings/ancients". (New version only)
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