Dan Norton is an attorney working for the Agostini & Norton law firm, and Benjamin Linus's lawyer.

Kate's blood sample case[]

A couple of years after the rescue of the Oceanic Six, Norton appeared at Kate Austen's door during a breakfast with her son. Norton appeared with a threatening and silent man behind him, and informed Kate that he worked for the law firm Agostini & Norton, before going on to tell her that he had a judge-signed court order for both her and her son to give up blood samples so that a maternity test could be done. When asked, Norton refused to tell Kate who his client was. Kate refused to give any blood, ignoring Norton's threats to return with a sheriff, and slamming the door in his face. ("Because You Left")

The next day, Kate met with Norton in his office, and offered to consent to the blood tests if Norton would let her meet with his client. Norton told her that his client would almost undoubtedly say no, and he advised her to prepare herself to lose custody of Aaron. Soon afterwards, Norton left his office to meet Carole Littleton, his client in a lawsuit against Oceanic Airlines, at a motel. Kate and Jack followed, leading them to mistakenly believe that Carole had discovered the truth about Aaron and wanted custody of her grandson. Norton then traveled on to a parking deck, where he met with Benjamin Linus, informing him that due to his efforts, Hurley would soon be released from jail. Ben referred to Norton as his lawyer, and later revealed that he was Norton's client in the custody battle for Aaron. ("The Little Prince")


  • In the casting call he is only referred to as "Dan" and described as "40s, any ethnicity. A high-priced attorney, someone really sharp who can be friendly. However, there's a real menace lurking below the surface....."[1]
  • When Kate tracked him in Los Angeles it was revealed that his car license plate number was "4PCI382". This appears to be a number reserved for Hollywood productions, as it was also used by Ironhide, a GMC Topkick, in the 2007 movie Transformers.
  • Out of all of the main characters, Dan has only met Ben and Kate.
    • Dan was seen by Jack when Jack and Kate followed him to the motel.
    • Dan was aware of Hurley, since he investigated Hurley's case.
    • Dan was seen by Sayid during his meeting with Ben.