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This information was revealed in part through the third alternate reality game
Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project

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Dan Bronson is a character in the alternate reality game Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project. He appeared in real life during the Comic-Con 2008 Lost panel as a recruit that was selected to return to the Dharma recruiting center. He, along with four others, was brought to see a secret Dharma video at the Comic-Con Dharma booth featuring Pierre Chang. Bronson "secretly" videotaped the event with a handheld camera, running from the room back to the Lost panel, where he displayed his footage for all to see. According to the 8/08 email [1] sent out to all Dharma recruits (DIRP clues August 6, DIRP clues August 9), Bronson has been expelled from the Dharma volunteer program because of this event.

It is possible that Bronson is the same individual as RuckusGuy.

The video

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  • The casting call for the character was: Any ethnicity, must be 18 to 22, computer hacker, self-promoter. Smart, self-righteous with a forceful personality. Suspicious about what Global Octagon Recruiting is up to, and intends to hack their recruiting fair to expose the truth and to bring himself a little on-line glory. This character is like the ultimate fan of "LOST".. [2]
  • A cryptic poster on SpoilerTV Forums by the name of DuaneIsInsane revealed two days before Comic-Con that Dan Bronson would be appearing there. He then launched a string of hoax clues. DarkUFO later revealed that he had inside access, but was not in-game. [3]
  • Initially, it was believed by some that his surname was spelled "Bronsen", as his name was first announced in speech only at Comic-Con, not in written form.
  • He has been confirmed not to be the mysterious Black Swan in the Test 7 video message.

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