DHARMA initiative apparel.

The DHARMA jumpsuit was the work uniform of all DHARMA Initiative personnel on the Island. Supplied by the Initiative, this standard issue apparel was usually khaki-colored and featured the DHARMA logo on the left chest. The logos varied depending on the wearer's respective workstation, and the individual's name and position were generally stitched onto the left chest pocket. The suits came with different kinds of chest pockets; some were fitted with zippers, while others had simple flaps. Women's suits in turn had a smaller, rather decorative design. Some DHARMA employees and their children wore a white DHARMA-labeled t-shirt as an undergarment.

Other examples of DHARMA logowear include medical scrubs (e.g. as worn by Juliet in surgery) and t-shirts (as worn in the Pearl Orientation video).

Subjects wearing DHARMA-labeled clothing

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following refer to a khaki or gray jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit as seen in the Dharma Initiative orientation kit.

Olivia's jumpsuit.

Radzinsky's black jumpsuit.

The Swan

Zipper-fitted Arrow logo version donned by Horace, as opposed to Mike's Pearl logo design with flaps.

  • Stuart Radzinsky -no job title (black jumpsuit)
  • Various workers, and security personnel at the Swan site.

The Arrow

The Pearl

The Staff

Ethan's Staff uniform.

The Hydra

Ivan's Hydra scrubs.

The Flame

The Looking Glass

  • Greta (gray vest) *
  • Rosie -Nurse
  • A new recruit in 1977 who was also seen at the "Sayid vote".

The Orchid hard caps.

The Orchid

LaFleur's "star logo" jumpsuit.

Motor Pool jumpsuit.

  • One personnel at The Orchid, and at least two more at the Barracks/wharf.

  • Juliet - Motor Pool (dark blue jumpsuit)
  • Kate - Motor Pool (dark blue jumpsuit)
  • Mitchell - Motor Pool (dark blue jumpsuit)
  • Tom - Motor Pool (dark blue jumpsuit)

Hurley's Cafeteria jumpsuit, and Jin's Security jumpsuit.

  • Captain Bird - Captain - Sub Ops (olive green jumpsuit)
  • Other Galaga crewmembers - Sub Ops (olive green jumpsuit)

  • Ben
  • Jackson
  • At least two men at the wharf when Ben arrived on the Island in 1973
  • The HAZMAT suits from the Tempest
  • T-shirts reading MEDIC across the back ("Namaste")

*Denotes the wearer was not a member of DHARMA at the time.

Unanswered questions

  • Where were the members who wore the main logo stationed?
  • Why is it that all DHARMA workers wore jumpsuits with associated station logos and identification, but Ben's suit had no logo on it?

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