The DHARMA Logistics Warehouse is a stocking warehouse in Orote Peninsula, Guam.

The DHARMA Initiative used it to stock food for the Swan station periodic resupply drops that would be sent to the Island. However, on at least one occasion, the food drop was off-target and landed in Tonga. ("Mysteries of the Universe")

Ben, Hector, and Glenn

Ben visits the warehouse. ("The New Man in Charge")

Two of the last DHARMA personnel, Hector and Glen, had been working there for about 20 years. They continued to supply the Island after the Purge of the DHARMA Initiative because they had been unaware of the occurrence, and the Lamp Post sent them automated launch coordinates. The activities of the warehouse were those setup by Alvar Hanso to keep regular DHARMA Initiative medicine and food drops made to The Island in perpetuity. ("The Lost Experience") The Warehouse was closed by Benjamin Linus under Hurley's orders due to his decision to "tie up a few loose ends". ("The New Man in Charge")

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