Kate holding her cards.

The three cards Charlotte tests Daniel with. ("Eggtown")

DHARMA Initiative playing cards were used on and off the Island. Unless otherwise noted, all DHARMA Initiative playing cards seen on the show bore the logo of the Swan station on their reverse.

The cards were first seen when Libby was in need of polysporin. In order to win back the medication, Jack played a game of poker against Sawyer with the DHARMA cards. ("Lockdown")

Sometime later, Charlotte Lewis found the cards, and used them to perform a memory test on her fellow freighter team member using three of the playing cards (the Queen of Diamonds, Six of Clubs and Three of Spades). Though Daniel guessed the first two cards right, he did not guess the third one correctly (instead guessing the Ten of Hearts), much to his chagrin, though Charlotte called it "progress." ("Eggtown")

Sometime after the escape of the Oceanic 6 from the Island, the Seven of Spades appears on a painting in Aaron's room. Another card was in the same painting in Aaron's room, but could barely be seen behind the Seven of Spades. It appeared to be the Queen of Hearts. ("Eggtown")

A pack of the cards was used by Frank and Miles to pass the time, while the others were trying to decide what to do with the Man in Black. ("The Package")

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  • The Christiane I had similar playing cards, with Swans on the back. However, a DHARMA logo was not imprinted on the back.
  • The DHARMA branded cards seen in the show with a personal note to actor Josh Holloway on shuffling sold for $4,250 at auction.

Actual Deck from the show.


At one time a DHARMA Initiative poker set was for sale via the ABC online store but the cards were different from the ones used on the show and very basic looking.

DI Poker Set

Today the playing cards used on the show are still not for sale but fan creations do exist.

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