"D.O.C." is the eighteenth episode of Season 3 and the sixty-seventh produced hour of the series as a whole. It was originally broadcast on April 25, 2007. When Sun discovers what happens to pregnant women on the Island, she demands answers from Juliet. Meanwhile Desmond, Hurley, Charlie and Jin try to save the life of the injured parachutist when Mikhail returns to help them.


Previously on Lost[]


Sun With Prostitute

Sun meets Jin's mother.

Sun is walking through Seoul, talking to Jin on her cell phone. They laugh about her getting used to being called "Mrs. Kwon" and she tells him "love you madly" before ending the call. She sits down on a bench next to an older woman. After Sun hangs up, the woman strikes up a conversation. She points out Sun and Jin's wedding announcement in the newspaper and asks about Jin's family. Sun tells the woman Jin's parents are dead. The woman says that she finds it odd that a member of the powerful Paik family would marry the son of a fisherman, then demands $100,000, or else she will reveal that Jin's mother was a prostitute.


Sun speaks with Mr. Kwon about Jin's past.

Later at their apartment, Jin becomes defensive when Sun catches him in a discrepancy about the date of his father's death. She concedes the argument to him, but soon she secretly tracks down Mr. Kwon. He immediately guesses who Sun is, and they take tea together at Mr. Kwon's humble home where there are pictures of a young Jin, and certificates in Korean hung on the wall. He seems very pleased to meet his son's new wife, inquiring about the wedding and telling her she is beautiful. When she asks why he did not attend the wedding, he replies with a question of his own: What did Jin tell her? Sun admits he told her that Mr. Kwon was dead, and he looks sad at this. Mr. Kwon confirms to Sun that Jin's mother "went with many men" and that she abandoned Jin to his care. He raised the boy even though he was not sure that Jin was in fact his son. He asks Sun not to tell Jin that she visited him, and not to indicate that Jin's mother is still alive, to spare Jin the shame.

Sun goes to her father's office, interrupting him during a meeting with his associates. Sun asks her father for the money that she needs, but he is unwilling to give the money to her without knowing what it is for. Sun tells her father that she knows what he really does for a living, and that she has always pretended otherwise, and that she will continue to do so if he gives her the money she needs. Her father still doesn't give in, so Sun eventually admits that she needs the money to spare embarrassment to someone she loves. Sensing that this someone is Jin, Mr. Paik gives her the money, but warns that since the money is for Jin, the debt will be on Jin's head and he will now work directly for Mr. Paik (insinuating that he will be doing the kind of work she has pretended for so long her father does not do). After a moment of hesitation, Sun takes the money and leaves without another word.

Jin finds money

Jin finds the blackmail money in Sun's purse.

At their apartment, Jin accidentally discovers the money. Thinking quickly, Sun tells him that she had gotten it from her father in order to buy furniture and a honeymoon. Jin asks her to return it, saying that he can provide for them and does not want to be in Mr. Paik's debt. Sun uneasily agrees, telling Jin that she loves him.

Later, she meets with the blackmailer, and as she hands over the money, asks her why she did not say she was Jin's mother. The older woman remarks that she may have given birth to him, but that does not make her his mother. Sun hesitates before letting go of the money, and, after reminding the older woman of the remark made at their earlier meeting regarding how powerful Sun's family is, tells her "My husband thinks his mother is dead. Don't make me have to make that a reality." Sun walks away with her head held high.

On the Island[]

At the beach and the Staff[]

A question

Sun asks Juliet what happens to pregnant women on the island.

Sun is working in the garden when Jack approaches her. He begins asking her about her pregnancy and eventually makes Sun suspicious, despite his claims that these are routine questions.

Immediately after, Sun questions Kate about Jack's loyalties. Kate tells Sun that Juliet is a fertility doctor, and wanted Claire's baby for "research," after which Sun immediately confronts Juliet, demanding to know what happens to pregnant women on the island. She subjects Juliet to a barrage of questions. As Sun gets more and more upset, Juliet eventually tells her that every pregnant woman on the island has died.

Juliet covers mouth

Juliet wakes Sun.

While it is dark outside, Juliet creeps into Sun's tent and, with her hand over Sun's mouth to stop her from screaming, offers to help her. They begin walking to the Staff. Along the way Juliet explains that if Sun conceived off the Island then she will probably be fine; however, if Sun conceived on the Island then she will likely die. An ultrasound will be able to determine Sun's "D.O.C." (date of conception) to within a few days. Sun says that Claire and Kate had told her about this place, and that it had been cleared out and abandoned. Juliet tells her, "they didn't know where to look."

Juliet and Sun enter the Staff, where Sun looks around uneasily as Juliet switches on the lights. Sun explains that she had cheated on Jin and that if the baby was conceived off of the Island, it was not her husband's. She then asks Juliet why she is helping her, and Juliet explains that she used to give women the news that they were pregnant and it was the best news they had ever received. However, on the island she has lost 9 patients in 3 years and she wants to be able to give good news again.

Sun Ultrasound

Juliet points out the fetus to Sun.

Juliet leads Sun to a secret chamber hidden behind the station's locker room which contains some stashed medical equipment and nursery furniture. Sun asks why this room is hidden, and after trying to fob Sun off by telling her not to worry about it, Juliet admits that this was where they brought the pregnant Others to die. Sun then tells her that the baby could not be Jin's as he is infertile. Juliet says that normally, men have an average of 60 to 80 million sperm. On the island they generally have five times that amount, which they call "good odds."

Juliet gives Sun an ultrasound, telling her that they crashed on the island 86 days ago and the baby was conceived 53 days ago. Sun begins to cry. Juliet tells her she is so sorry and will do everything she can to help her, but Sun expresses happiness that the baby is Jin's and thanks Juliet. As they are leaving, Juliet makes an excuse and returns briefly to the locker room, where she leaves a message for Ben on a tape recorder. She informs him about Sun's condition and then says that she is moving ahead on collecting "samples" from the other women among the survivors, including Kate. After stopping the tape recorder, she pauses for a moment and adds (presumably to Ben), "I hate you."


Hurley accidentally fires Naomi's flare gun.

At Naomi's landing site[]

He's baaa-aaack

Mikhail stumbles upon Charlie, Desmond, Hurley, Jin and the injured woman.

Naomi is found to have a wounded lung that was pierced by a branch. She moans occasionally, speaks in a number of foreign languages, and says in Italian and Spanish that she's dying. Desmond decides to go running back to get Jack and bring him to the woman to treat her. Charlie warns that it's going to be dark soon and it's dangerous to go alone. Desmond argues back that no one knows they are here. Charlie points out that it took them eight hours to walk there; Desmond merely insists he will run. This course of action is stopped when Hurley accidentally fires a flare. Charlie thinks it's too dangerous for Desmond to travel through the jungle alone.

Shortly after the flare is fired, Mikhail comes running out of the jungle. After a moment's pause, Mikhail turns on his heel and runs away, but Jin chases and tackles him. It is then that Charlie realizes that Mikhail is the man that supposedly died at the sonar fence. The group returns to the injured woman, where Mikhail hears her speaking Italian. Mikhail explains he was a field medic for the Soviet Army and offers to treat her in exchange for his release. Desmond accepts his offer.


Jin fights Mikhail again for Naomi's phone.

Eventually Mikhail treats the wound, dramatically venting the lung of accumulating blood, then removing the branch. He tells them that it should heal in a day. Charlie remarks that it was a pierced lung, an injury not likely to heal so soon. Mikhail smirks and explains that the island heals in a different way, though concedes that it might "take a day and a half." The woman murmurs something in Portuguese, "Eu não estou só," which Mikhail tells them is "Thank you for helping me," but the correct translation is "I am not alone." Mikhail obtains as much information as he can from them about the woman and learns about the satellite phone. After the woman is treated, Mikhail leaves. Charlie is reluctant to allow him to, but Desmond insists, reminding Charlie that they promised. As Mikhail leaves, Jin realizes that the satellite phone is missing. Jin re-captures Mikhail and takes the phone back from him. Mikhail sarcastically comments that they would not respect him if he didn't at least try to steal the phone. Regardless, in the end, Desmond keeps his word and allows Mikhail to leave.

No survivors

Naomi tells Hurley that there were no survivors from Flight 815.

While the others make a stretcher, Hurley sits with the woman, quixotically attempting to call his mother on the phone. Naomi wakes and impatiently asks where she is. Hurley explains that they are the survivors of Flight 815 that crash landed on an island. The woman is shocked to hear the news and says that it is impossible for them to be survivors of 815. She explains that, "They found the plane," and that, "There were no survivors. They were all dead."



The Paik logo, underneath which is "Paik Heavy Industries" in Korean Hangul script: 백중공업

  • This is the last episode that is centric solely to Sun. Sun will later have flashes only in multi-centric episodes, or episodes shared with Jin.
  • Juliet claims Sun's baby was conceived 53 days ago. This would place conception just before Jin stopped speaking to Sun because she had lied to him about learning English in "...In Translation".
  • Though Jin's mother and Sun talk of Korean won, the episode's subtitles translate the figure in U.S. dollars. At the time of this flashback, the highest Korean banknote was equivalent to $10, so it would have taken a staggering number of them - 10,000 bills - to pay the sum.
  • When Sun visits her father's office, the logo at the stairs says "Paik," underneath which is Korean writing which translates as "Paik Heavy Industries" (백중공업).
  • When Sun enters Mr. Paik's office, she overhears him arguing with an employee. This is the episode's only Korean conversation not translated. One translation is:
  • An Employee: We haven't received the forged conveyance permit yet, Mr. Chairman.
위조된 운송 허가증은 저희가 아직 받지 못했습니다, 회장님.
  • Mr. Paik: I heard the Hanso Foundation is filled with anger at the fact that our side didn't offer the equipment...!
한소 재단에서 우리 측에서 장비를 제공하지 않았다고 난리 났다는데...!
  • Jin says that his father died when he was in the army. His army duty, which all Korean men of a certain age must serve, is confirmed by a picture in his father's shack of him in uniform. Also in the background in the shack is a martial arts trophy, supporting why Jin could roundhouse kick Mikhail so proficiently. Jin's profession as an enforcer also likely contributed to his martial arts knowledge.
  • The dossier on Jin's father includes English transliterations of place names.
  • According to Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), some of the footage for the episode was damaged while being checked at an airport and had to be re-shot.
  • This is the last episode to feature off-island 815-survivor flashbacks typical to the first three seasons of the show. Typical flashbacks were set before the crash of Oceanic 815 and followed a single narrative, instead of multiple, largely unrelated events throughout a character's life as is the case with "Greatest Hits" and "Cabin Fever".
  • This episode is rated TV-14-V

Production notes[]


Sun crosses the Hangang bridge (Sign reads in Korean: 한강대교) over the Han River.

  • Emilie de Ravin (Claire) appears without speaking lines.
  • A podcast rehash for the episode was released on April 30th, 2007. (Official Lost Podcast/April 30, 2007)
  • D.O.C. in the episode title stands for Date of Conception.
  • The producers remarked that the Oceanic 815 storyline was not complete - perhaps making a reference to Naomi's story. [source needed]
  • The filming location of Jin's father's fishing dock is the same location (in Hawaii) that the submarine was docked at. The location is the fish pond at the Molii Gardens on the Kualoa Ranch.
  • The Korean bridge that Sun crosses is supposedly over the Han River, which is in reality a much wider waterway than depicted in the episode.[1][2]. The background also shows the Hong Kong skyline.[3]
  • Behind the scenes footage from the Season 3 UK Bonus DVD shows that the heavy looking lockers in the Staff were placed on wheels, so Sun and Juliet could easily move them.
3x18-lockers on wheels

Lockers in the Staff on wheels.

  • A Lost: On Location for this episode is available on the Season 3 DVD with the Wal-Mart Bonus DVD.

Naomi's languages[]

Naomi speaks at least five languages:

Steady naomi

Naomi Dorrit.

  1. Spanish: "Me estoy muriendo" is Spanish for "I am dying" (from the captions and translated by Hurley).
  2. Italian: "Aiutami, sto morendo" is Italian for "Help me, I'm dying" (from the captions; partially incorrect, but comprehensible).
  3. Chinese: She mutters in an "Asian language" (from the captions) which Jin claims is Chinese, not Korean. "出了什么事 (chu le shen me shi)" is Mandarin Chinese for "What happened?" or "What's going on?"
  4. Portuguese: After Mikhail and Desmond treat Naomi's wound, she says something in Portuguese not spelled out in the captions. Mikhail claims it is "Thank you for helping me," but this is not what she actually says. Instead, it is "Eu não estou só," which is Portuguese for "I am not alone." Her accent is Brazilian. This may indicate a connection with the Portuguese-speaking men seen in the end of season two. The Ardil-22 book is a Brazilian Portuguese edition.

In official Russian dub, the Portuguese speech was re-dubbed in Russian, making it look like Naomi wasn't speaking in non-English language.

  1. English: "No. No, Flight 815... They... They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead."

Bloopers and continuity errors[]

  • At the beginning of the flashback (likely set in 2000 or 2001) Sun is wearing a blue and green halter dress from Catherine Malandrino's 2007 Spring/Summer collection.
  • Jin's mother asks for $100,000, though they should be dealing in Korean won. Perhaps since the Korean dialogue was translated into English for the subtitles, the currency was converted at the same time into a type familiar to American viewers.
  • When Sun and Juliet enter the the Staff, the fridge that held the vaccine is seen lying on the floor as it was at the start of "Maternity Leave". However it was picked up and moved in an upright position by Claire and Kate before they left.


The Season 3 soundtrack includes two tracks from this episode. "Rushin' the Russian" is a statement of the Others' action motif. "Deadly Fertility" is a variation on Jin and Sun's theme.


Recurring themes[]

  • Mikhail, who was believed to be dead, is actually alive. (Life and death)
  • Jin deceived Sun about his parentage before they were married. (Deceptions and cons)
  • Sun lied about the reason she had such a large amount of money and concealed the fact that she was being blackmailed. (Deceptions and cons)
  • Jin's mother, the blackmailer, concealed her identity from Sun in their initial meeting. (Deceptions and cons)
  • Juliet is collecting information for the Others during the medical exam. (Deceptions and cons)
  • By getting the money from her father, Sun actually forces Jin into a new, arranged fate, while suppressing his choice to decide whether he would like to assist Mr. Paik in his personal affairs or not. (Fate versus free will)
  • Though she despises her father's line of work, Sun agrees to let Jin work for him. (Parent issues)
  • Naomi asserts that there were no survivors from the crash of Flight 815. (Death)
  • Sun is told by Juliet that her pregnancy will result in her death. (Pregnancy)  (Life and death)
  • Jin conceals the truth about his father because of an alleged shame of his origins, and he actually doesn't know about his mother being alive. He also doesn't know she was a prostitute - which would shame him even more, as stated by the woman herself. (Parent issues)
  • Jin later visits his father as seen in "...In Translation" and tells him about his wife, unaware that Mr. Kwon has already met her. (Secrets)
  • A buoy in Jin's father's boat can be seen in the sequence where Sun walks toward him, and the numbers 4 and 16 are visible. (The Numbers)
  • Charlie claims the trek back to the beach camp is 8 hours one way. (The Numbers)
  • Sun tells Juliet about her affair with Jae Lee. (Secrets)

Literary techniques[]

  • Naomi told Hurley "Flight 815 they, they found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead." In reaction, the Lost audience must ask themselves where the real truth lies. Is Naomi being deceptive to the survivors? Or is there a larger conspiracy that even Naomi is unaware of?(Plot twist)  (Cliffhanger)
  • Two very different vantage points of parenthood: 1. Sun was incredibly excited when Juliet confirmed that Jin was the father of her baby. 2. In the next scene, in a flashback, Jin's biological mother said of Jin: "I gave birth to him. But that does not make me his mother." (Juxtaposition)
  • Two blackmails: 1. Sun was blackmailed by Jin's ex-prostitute mother. 2. Sun presents her request to Mr. Paik, her father for the blackmail funds in the form of a threat to blackmail him by exposing "what he does." (Juxtaposition)
  • Jin's father said he wasn't even sure that Jin was his own son but he raised him because no one else would have done it. At this point of the episode, everything seemed to point that Sun's child was Jae Lee's, apparently foreshadowing that Jin too, would raise a child not of his own. On the other hand, if Jin was the father, Sun would die, forcing him to raise their child alone just as his father did. (Juxtaposition)

Storyline analysis[]

  • Desmond tells Charlie "by my count, you killed more of them than they killed of you." (Crimes)
  • Mikhail negotiates his freedom by promising to help the injured woman with his medical expertise. (Economics)
  • Sun is relieved that Jin is the father of her baby, even to her own detriment. (Relationships)
  • Juliet says she hates Ben. (Rivalries)
  • The rivalry between Charlie and Mikhail is started in this episode. (Rivalries)
  • Juliet begins collecting information about the pregnant women at the beach camp. (O-Missions)

Episode connections[]

Episode references[]

Episode allusions[]

  • Naomi's revelation of Flight 815 being found, in contrast to what the Losties and the audience believe so far, mirrors a situation from the first season. When the Losties tried to make contact by radio, saying "We're the survivors," they got back "No, we are the survivors" from Bernard and the Tailies. ("Deus Ex Machina")
  • The episode opens with Sun alone in her garden, when she hears someone approaching. This alludes to her being "kidnapped" while she was alone in her garden. ("The Long Con")

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