Crunch is a metafictional character who appears in Bad Twin, a novel written by Flight 815 passenger Gary Troup

James Hennessey (nickname "Crunch") runs a fishing boat, a 38 ft Hatteras, called Fish Lips. Paul Artisan is referred to him by Captain Jocko, and he is descibed as looking a little scary and sounding mentally. He has a number of scars and tattoos.

Crunch is a tradesman, running "square grouper" (marijuana) along with an assortment of other items. He takes Artisan to Hemmingway Marina in Havana, on the trail of Zander Widmore.

Minor Facts

  • Met Paul Artisan at 7:30 pm. (30-7=23)
  • Works by the "law of the sea", meaning the guy who runs the boat always has the final say.
  • Spoiler (highlight to read): Is killed when his boat was blown up
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