The glowing blast door map of the Swan showing the details of the crossed out station.

A crossed-out station was depicted on the blast door map. It is unknown why it was crossed out.

Known information

The blast door map was created by Kelvin Inman and his partner Radzinsky in the Swan station, probably over a number of years. The contents of the map are a combination of known information and guesswork. Some details of the map are obviously wrong, such as the location of the Flame station being closer to the Swan than the Staff. The map was also shown not to accurately represent the distance between the stations drawn on it.

Even though one cannot fully make it out, it is actually possible to see an outline of a logo on the station, which seems to be circular.

The blast door map suggests the following about the station:

  • The station is on the North side of the Island. Given that the map is incorrect in showing the location of the Flame, this may or may not be a correct assumption.
  • It's in between the Staff and Arrow stations. But since the location of the Staff on the map is almost certainly wrong, it might be more accurate to say that it's between the Flame and the Arrow.
  • There appears to be a line connecting the Staff (or the Flame) to the crossed-out station.
  • The crossed-out station is drawn in the same dashed-line style as the other two currently unknown stations, whereas the others are all solid lines.

In Via Domus, the station is reoutlined and has "POSSIBLE ORCHID?" pointing to it.

The Arrow logo
The Arrow logo, a possible way to that station

The writing around the station

There is a great deal of writing all over the map. But in many cases, it is impossible to determine if the writing actually refers to the station it is closest to on the map.

  • "Sursum corda, Sursum corda, Sursum corda" is written to the left. This is Latin and translates as "Lift up your hearts". (c.f. WP)
  • To the left, a notation says "Purpose of station /D.I.H.G.designation unknown".
    • Below that is the notation "Believed to have divested from project in 1985 following AH/MDG incident" with another notation below that: "But could be #6"
The Staff logo
The Staff logo, another possible way to the station
  • On the map seen on the actual blast door ("Lockdown"), the crossed-out station was right at the top edge. On the full versions subsequently released (such as the glow in the dark version on the jigsaw puzzles) there is more content above this:
    • It says "UNKNOWN!" in the same style as the crossing out.
    • "Intranet support for Carcharodon carcharias selective breeding facility?" is written above the station. This would seem to likely be a reference to the Hydra station.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Crossed-out station/Theories
  • Did this refer to a real station?
    • If so, what station did it refer to and why was is crossed out?
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